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May 2008
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It seems a lot of people trudge through life, day after day, doing the same thing, following the same routine, getting caught in a rut. I'll be with a group of people or in a crowd and see an amazing display of colors in the clouds at dusk, or an absolutely stunning storm roll suddenly in, or some other display of nature, then notice no one else is paying any attention. If I mention it they give it a brief glance and shrug it off. What a waste! Society as a whole is losing touch with where we came from, and what we are.

I've noticed recently, however, that homebrewers tend to be more in touch with their surroundings. Living in and appreciating the world around them. Part of this is the natural progression of favored brews through the seasons. What better to appreciate the coming cooler days of Fall, with their crisp cool air, than a nice malty Oktoberfest, or richly spiced pumpkin ale. How better to warm up on a cold winter day than a thick creamy stout? And to appreciate the colors, smells and emerging life of spring with a spicy, floral wit. Relaxing by the pool in summer, or cooling down by the grill with a crisp refreshing lager. The seasonal progression, and our paralleling it with our brews lets us participate in the seasons. Really get in and experience them. We realize every day is unique, and appreciate it that much more for it. Rainy days don't quite get us down like they used to, now that we can nurse a comforting brew by the window. Hot days don't quite take it out of us like they used to, now that we can refresh with a cold one. So go out and enjoy life. Experience each day for what it is, a unique combination of conditions that will never occur again. Appreciate what you have and take it not for granted.
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Oct 2006
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Wow. That was pretty cool. I'm not quite there yet, but beer definately makes things better.
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May 2007
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You sparked up some killer ganja yesterday, admit it.
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May 2008
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Originally Posted by paulthenurse View Post
You sparked up some killer ganja yesterday, admit it.
OP - Well put, and I agree. But I still have to agree with paulthenurse.
I see incredible nature everyday, and some times it comes up and slaps me. (Ever been been bumped by a wild dolphin, or flipped by a BIG green sea turtle you tend to realize just how tiny you are).
Most of the time it is "Is that yet another double rainbow, who cares"
But the smell of a mash hitting all the temperatures and everything is going smoothly?
Man I love and am amazed by nature. And the end product, how can you beat that?
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Sure, I love all that stuff too, but when do I get to drink my IPA?

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I eat, drink, and base my activities on the season. I am very lucky to experience all four seasons in my area. My hands down favorite season is Autumn, so I'm thoroughly enjoying these days. Some people don't like the rotating seasons, but I do so I try to make the most of each one...

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Nov 2006
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I'm a homebrewer, and a pagan. I'm so clued into the seasons, my goatee falls off my face when the leaves change!
"An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold on to a blade of grass, and keep from slipping off the face of the Earth."

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Nov 2006
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I contend that we have nearly completely lost sight (as a society) of the cycle of life in general, let alone grown to appreciate being "in season". We very much try to live our lives this way and I find it extremely fulfilling. There is always much anticipation and much to celebrate in every season, you just have to look for it and realize what season you are in.
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Jun 2005
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I hear the theme from Lion King coming on!
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Oct 2007
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Originally Posted by jpsloan View Post
I'm a homebrewer, and a pagan. I'm so clued into the seasons, my goatee falls off my face when the leaves change!
Haha! Thats friggen' awesome!

My seasons are:

HOT w/ rain
Less hot, little rain
Live-able winter (60F OMG!!!)
Some flowers and spingy sheit
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