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Aug 2008
Phoenix, AZ
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I did my first brew two weeks ago and now have a question that I am having a hard time finding an answer.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my closet stays at about 78 degrees. I have been using a fan, wet towel, tub of water, and ice packs to keep the fermentor at about 75. I plan on bottling this weekend and I am curious what the temperature will do to the beer. I have read to keep the beer at room temperature for 3 weeks. I have also read that it should be kept at 70 for 3 weeks.

For me there is a big difference between room temperature and the 70 degrees. Does anyone have experience with leaving the bottle at approx. 78 to condition and does this adversely effect the beer.

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Jul 2007
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Well with temps that high you are going to get some fruity esters in your final product. this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on what you are trying to make. For instance, a heff, wit, or even some pale ales can do right with a little bit of a fruity finish, but something like a Kolsh would be better off without.

My advise would be if you are stuck with fermentation temperatures that high, stick with styles that will benefit from a warmer ferment, otherwise look into a son of a fermentation chiller, or search fermentation chiller or fermentation cabinet, or get a refrigerator and temperature controller to help keep you beers fermenting at an optimal temperature for your style
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Jul 2008
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You should be fine bottling at those temps.

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78 to ferment is high IMO, but 78 to condition doesn't seem to have adverse effects so far. The room where I store my bottles for carbing gets to 80 this time of year, and I haven't noticed a problem. I fermented my first batch in there though, and it is definitely too hot for that. That beer was drinkable, but definitely had more fruity overtones then I like.

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