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Mar 2007
Winchester , mass
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In the past I have made a few Extract kits from Coopers. They usually cost me around $17 And either another $2 for corn sugar, or $13 for DME. Add some yeast, and this usually brings my total cost to around $23 to $35 for a 5 gallon batch of beer.

my question is, Why do you guys prefer All grain over extract ? what are the bennefits of making your own wert ? And how much do you usually end up spending ?

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It is SOOOO much more fun! There is a huge amount of satisfaction when you brew AG. You also have ALOT more control over everything. I spend like $8 or $9 on a batch once. If I actually bother to figure it out its always in the teens.
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I haven't priced things out lately since I stocked up on hops before the prices skyrocketed... But in the past it wasn't out of the question to brew a 5 gallon AG batch for $10-15.

But even with the issue of price aside, don't forget about quality. To me, having fun (AG is much more interesting, IMO - more art and science to it) and making the best beer that I can are the most important things, and the fact that AG saves me money is just a nice side benefit. Since I brewed my first AG batch, I haven't touched extract except for yeast starters. The quality of the AG beer was just so much better than even the best extract/partial mash batches I had done in the past. The quality difference would be even more significant when compared to a pre-hopped extract kit like Cooper's.

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Mar 2007
Winchester , mass
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reaaaaally? so its cheaper to make my own wert then boil it just as I would with malt extract ?

how long does all the extra "all grain" process usually take ? So you just buy the grain, crush it up, then pour it all through the mash/lautertun ? what volume of beer do you guys usually create ? I would assume more than the standard 5 gallon used in most extract kits...

and you say the quality of the beer is really that much better ???

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Plenty of info and discussions here;
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I make 10 gallon batchs and will now start making 20-30 gallon batches. I make the 10's because it only takes an extra hour or so to do the 10 over the 5 so hey, why not right.
For me most of my beers cost me around the $25 - 35 per 10 gallon to make not counting LP gas. So yeah it's cheaper, but my beers are a lot better then when I did ME beers.

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I'm going all-grain to save money. I calculated that I'll only need to brew a few batches to pay for my equipment with the savings! I priced out two different AG brews, One came to $16.25 and the other $19.50. The same brews in extract kits would be about $28.95 and $35.95.

So for my first two brews I'll be saving almost $30.00! (That'll cover my cooler and various parts to convert it to be my MLT.)

Those prices quoted are for 5 gal batches, even though I'll be splitting them in half and brewing 2.5 gal at a time. Those costs aren't even really buying the grains in bulk, just 5 or 10# bags.
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One easy way to look at it is comparing the same recipe kits from a single supplier in both AG and extract versions. Once you figure out the per-batch difference, now consider your initial equipment outlay for at least:

kettle with 3 gallons of capacity OVER your finished batch size.
burner capable of boiling 1.5 gallons over your finished batch size.
wort chiller (no cold/ice topoff tricks here).
DIY mashtun (converted cooler)

Now consider that an all grain batch takes "ABOUT" 2 hours longer than an extract batch. If you enjoy the process (which most do) then you won't mind dedicating the time to it.

I'd say minus the added labor involved, it would take about 10 batches to absorb the upfront equipment costs, then you're on to cost savings. The rub is that you'll never be happy with the equipment you start with (unless you're rare).
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Nov 2007
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Look at it this way. If you go to Austin Homebrew Supply and look up their AHS kits, you'll see an option for Extract, Mini Mash, and All Grain. I just ordered three kits and went all grain. Saved $7 each on 2 and IIRC $5 on the third. (pays for the expensive yeast if you don't re-use)

I also noticed that the dried malt extract can leave a certain taste in the beer. Really hard to notice until you not only drink beers made AG, but also taste the unfermented beer that has the DME in it.

if you do more brewing and buy grain in bulk, you'll save a lot more. The hop prices have cramped prices some as a 5 gallon batch sometimes needs 2+ oz and that can add up to like $10 alone from some local places.
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I started because of cost and because I like to make my own "stuff"
I now make beer as good most beer you can buy in the pub and better than lots of commercial brews.

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