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I performed a search for "calculating efficiency" but did not get what i was looking for. I am delving into the realm of AG this next weekend and I see alot of concern over mash efficiency. Just how does one calculate efficiency, and does it refer to the pre boil wort.


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Read this

Get Beersmith's trial software, it's free to use for 21 days and can calculate efficiency.

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+1 to beersmith (just bought the full version yesterday). Then when you know your average efficiency, it can help you adjust recipes to compensate so you can hit your OG.
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Read this efficiency thread and especially post #11.

+1 on BrewSmith, which I also use now, but it is good to understand how to calculate your efficiency without the aid of a tool more complex than a pencil.
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With no implied refutation of the sources listed, there's also a section on efficiency in my all grain primer..

To your specific question about whether it's measured from preboil wort....

Mash Efficiency - How much of the available sugar was actually converted from the starch during the mash. This says nothing of your ability to separate that sugar during lautering/sparging. It is difficult to measure this and can be basically ignored if you're sure you've gotten good conversion (starch test).

Lauter/Sparge Efficiency - Assuming you converted all the starch to sugar, this is how much of the available sugars you were able to collect during the lauter/sparge function. Using a separation and sparge method that rinses "best" will yield higher efficiency. This value is easily measured by noting how much wort you've collected pre-boil (volume) and measuring its specific gravity (using a hydrometer or refractometer). These numbers will be compared against the theoretical maximum gravity.. More later.

Brew House Efficiency - This measurement/figure takes into account your entire process and is the most indicative of how much your wort "costs". The volume/gravity measurements are taken post boil, or most accurately in the fermenter itself. This number will be lower the previous efficiency measurement because it takes into account any wort you may have lost in your tubing, absorbed into hop sludge, or spilled between the MLT and Kettle or the Kettle and fermenter.
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