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Which is the best, the Pepsi or the Coke kind?

What are the pluses and minuses to each? As far as attachment hardware, which type has the cheapest and easiest to get?

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I'm a newbie, but have to say Pepsi, with the ball locks (Coke kegs have pin locks, unless they have been swapped). My reasoning is that the ball lock type seem to be more common, at least that is my experience. Sometimes you will run into a good deal on kegs, or the quick disconnects, and will want to buy them, even if you hadn't thought about it. It is nice to have the same locks on all.

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I'm pretty partial to the Ball Lock (Pepsi) style. They work just like the hydraulic fittings on tractors, so I know they are a proven design (Not that the pin locks aren't), but I suppose it's just personal preference.
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I have never used ball locks but the pin-locks work just fine.

I bet 6 one way 1/2 doz the other. Ball locks do seem to be more prevalent.

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Ball locks are more common from what I can tell, but you can still buy fittings for each.

If you're torn, base it on this: Do you like Pepsi better or Coke better? It's a matter of personal preference.

I have ball locks, and I like them.
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I have ball locks but would have no problem buying pinlocks if the price was right. couplers are readily available so I would just add a few pinlock couplers to my inventory. I could then switch couplers as I used the different kegs.
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I like the pin lock connectors - you definitely know they're hooked up, whereas with the ball locks you can have them halfway on and not realize it. However, the pin locks are slightly shorter and wider, and the extra bit of width can affect fridge/freezer capacity, so I went with ball locks.

They're also more common, at least around my area, as some others have noted, so it may be easier to add matching kegs in the future if you go with ball lock. I had a mixture of pin lock and ball lock kegs at one point, and swapped/sold all of the pin locks - got to be too much of a pain to change fittings as I moved kegs around.
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I have all pin locks and have had no problems...

Probably is just a personal preference...
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Chances of finding used equipment off Craigslist, Ebay, Local, etc. is better with the ball locks. Just a thought.
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I've found that the ball locks are usually found cheaper.

That's the only reason I went ball lock instead of pinlock.

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