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Sep 2008
New Orleans, Louisiana
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any one ever use yeast energizer? my primary has been very very very slow !!!!! here it is 6 days later and it has been doing the same slow bubbles! thought i would give it a red bull ya know ???? it called CROSBY AND BAKER YEAST ENERGIZER. it's for wine but wouldn't work for beer. i thought about racking it with a bit of this yeast energizer and letting it finish in a secondary !!??? thanks -Lee
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Feb 2008
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Dont bother racking, just pitch it in some preboiled and chilled water then add it to the wort. Are you aerating properly?
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Ooompa Loompa
Dec 2007
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You should never rack a beer to the secondary until it is finished in the primary. I personally think it is a little late for yeast nutrient. If you were going to use it then you should have used it from the beginning. Using it now, might help a little, but not much. And remember, only a hydrometer can help you tell when the beer is done, bubbling in the airlock doesn't mean it is or isn't done.
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Jun 2008
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Get wyeasts yeast energizer for 2.25 you can get around 20 or so batches with one tube. I have used it on my last 5 or so batches and fermentation is alwyas there and I get a real healthy yeast cake for harvesting.

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Oct 2007
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Whats the recipe, fermentation temps, OG, yeast strain. All of these factors will give us help to tell you why it's doing what it's doing.
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Dec 2005
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Yeast 'foods' are not necessary in beers. The grains provide enough trace stuff. At least AG. All extract might have too much stuff filtered out?

That all said, I've been using cheap Mexican yellow sugar for priming, starters, and booster. Still has a bit of molasses in it. Molasses is full of minerals. And I like the flavor so much that I use molasses in my coffee.

Anyways, what kind of fermenter are you using? Buckets can have loose lids...
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try rousing the yeast. Pick that carboy up and swirl it until the little yeasties are all suspended again.

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Beer wort should be overly rich in nitrogen, which is what Energizer adds (yeast nutrient is other trace vitamins and minerals).

you really shouldn't need it in beer. Wine, mead...yes. Cider? maybe. Beer, no.
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