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Originally Posted by WheaYaAt View Post
"POOP AGAIN ! " HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! he called the **** poop !!!

Here is my weekend car

only pic of the car on my puter

Engine 390 just a little work done to her
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I've only read the OP... I'm not sure how I'd feel about myself if I thought that the guy in the CL post had any bearing on what people thought of me. Just sayin'.
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I don't really like corvettes (2 seater), but the front-end is extremely nice. It's similar to the Pontiac Firebird, which I do like. The innards of one Firebird were essentially the same as a Corvette C4 one year too.

A 1989 Pontiac Firebird would rock......

C4 Corvette:

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Sunday, my lovely bride asked me what car I'd drive if we won the lottery. She asked this as I climbed into her Chevy diesel dually. No doubt, she's making up for a having diminished genitalia. I can vouch for that. My answer was a 1955 1st series Chevy pickup.
I don't want to impress anyone else. I used to have an old Chevy, and I dug driving it. Chicks were not into my truck, but I was. No races were won with the old straight 6, 235 CID motor. It had a three speed on the column. Not very cool, I know, but I dug it.
Poeple are attracted to different cars for different reasons. If you like 'vettes, go for it! I once saw a '58 'vette at a car show that needed paint. I would've given my left nut for it. It was beautiful! Fine piece of machinery.
There's an old cat in my area that has a '56 Corvette. He's like 70 years old. I don't fault him. He's just an old car lover. The problem comes from the 40-50 year old guys riding in the red Corvette convertible with the 20-30 year old woman. Those guys make us all look like asses.
Corvette owners, police yourselves!

BTW- My current classic ride is a '54 Farmall Super A. Eat your hearts out, bitches!
More like a sock monkey, really...

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word up !!! especially on that 55' chevy truck !

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Obviously, based on my previous post, I'm not much of a "car guy". But that wasn't always the case. In my current life, I pretty much see them as a way of getting around. As long as they're economical, mechanically reliable, look respectable, and have the few little features I like, I'm happy.

But why has no one mentioned Mustangs!? (At least I don't think anyone's mentioned them.) My first car (bought in 1992) was a '67 Mustang with a V-8/289. I rebuilt it from the wheels up. Made everything like it was from the factory. The car was dark blue (obviously repainted) when I bought it and when I went to get a new paint job, I told the painter to paint it whatever color the code was on the door (this was pre-internet). I had no idea what color the car was going to be. I ended up with that old sky-blue Ford color! Sorry, no pictures... they're the old-timey type before the days of digital cameras and my scanner is no more. Those were the days... when gas was like 87 cents a gallon.

But alas, I had to sell it for a more practical car for college. Ah well...

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