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I have heard several processes of getting beer from the Carboy to the Keg.

From just using an autosiphon to using Co2 to force the wort into the keg.

If using the Co2, do you have the keg lid on and force it thru the in or out, or just run it into the open lid onto a blanket of Co2?

Not sure if this question makes any sense as I, but hopefully someone can shed some light on the process.


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Originally Posted by redneckbeagle View Post
I have heard several processes of getting beer from the Carboy to the Keg.
I've just been using an auto-siphon to rack into a keg that has been primed with CO2. However I'm going to watch this thread for alternative methods.
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Do just as you said...put a blanket of CO2 in there and use an autosyphon. The liquid will push out the CO2 and the air above it.

When done put the lid on, hit with gas a couple short bursts to purge any air and to seal it.
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I use the auto siphon into the keg and then purge the headspace with CO2.

I never had oxidation issues when using a bottling bucket and bottles and I don't let the beer splash going into the keg. I'm not concerned with oxidation into the keg.
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Ol' Grog
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I guess I'm still doing it "old school." Racking cane and hose from the primary, or carboy (I let my brew sit for about two weeks in the primary and then go straight to keg). I had a hand held bulb suction but it got trashed trying to siphon gas from the boat last week, don't want to talk about that!!! So, yesterday I had to use my mouth and made sure I cleaned the end up before placing it inside the keg. I make sure that the beer is not splashing around in the keg. Once it gets full, seal it up and hit it with some CO2 a couple of times to purge the air out. Then let it sit for about 3 to 4 weeks and then put it on gas inside the kegerator.

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I always rack into the liquid/out dip tube of the keg. That way it fills from the bottom up and its pretty gentle. If I used a carboy I'll use a carboy cap and use co2 to start the flow. If I used a bucket I'll use an autosiphon.

Either case, part of my keg cleaning plays into it. The last step is to put some star san into the keg and flush the keg with co2. Then right before racking into the keg I'll use co2 to push the star san out the liquid/out tube through my racking cane/autosiphon. Once the keg has star san in it I never take the lid off until the keg is empty (unless I'm going to stick some dry hops, oak, etc. in at a later date)

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I store kegs with about a cup of starsan, purged, and under pressure. When I am ready to transfer to the keg, I just squirt out the starsan, gently crack the lid, stick the siphon hose in there, and go like heck!
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I use a picnic tap, a carboy cap, and a racking cane. My procedure is as follows:
  1. Put the carboy on a table or bench and let settle for 24 hours.
  2. Sanitize the keg and purge it with CO2.
  3. Slide the (sanitized) racking cane into the carboy through the carboy cap.
  4. Slip the mouth of the picnic tap over the racking cane, and lock it open.
  5. Attach a spare "gas in" fitting to the gas post on the keg.
  6. Attach the picnic tap to the "liquid out" post on the keg.
  7. Give a tiny shot of CO2 through the other port on the carboy to start the siphon, then allow to siphon to completion.
  8. Remove the hardware from the keg, pressurize, and wash the junk.

Fast, easy, and requires a minimal amount of cleaning up. You can sometimes skip the empty fitting on the gas post by opening up the release valve on the keg lid, but not all can be locked open.

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I just use my auto-siphon to rack into the keg just like I rack from Primary to Secondary.
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Originally Posted by TheJadedDog View Post
I just use my auto-siphon to rack into the keg just like I rack from Primary to Secondary.
Same here. Then I always purge the air after lid is on the keg, and give it a shot of CO2.
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