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Nov 2005
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Originally Posted by Genghis77
Tried Milwaukee's Best Ice. Now I have discovered a new worst beer.
Ahhhh - the memories! I killed more than a few brain cells with that stuff in college. We lovingly referred to it as "Beast Ice". They sold it in 32 oz. bottles and we would often drink two before going to the bars to get a decent buzz, thereby reducing the amount of money spent at the bar on those expensive $2.50 micro pints. You're right though - it tastes like crap.


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Feb 2005
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Brewing a bigger beer would require investing in more raw materials and therefore cost more to brew.
that is why the American (macrobrewd) beers are like club soda instead of good beer.
Well that is my opinion anyway, be that as it may. Pass me another homebrew.
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Chairman Cheyco
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Dec 2005
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Originally Posted by snaproll
Brewing a bigger beer would require investing in more raw materials and therefore cost more to brew.
that is why the American (macrobrewd) beers are like club soda instead of good beer.
Well that is my opinion anyway, be that as it may. Pass me another homebrew.
Yeah, but then it would taste good and and have more of a kick.

The options are: you can have it fast, you can have it good, you can have it cheap. Pick two.
Once the wind has been broken, it cannot be fixed.

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Nov 2005
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Snaproll hit the taste description of Milwaukee's Best Ice...."like club soda.'" Good call!

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Aug 2005
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You will all stop disrespecting the YETI right now. I have too many great partial memories because of YETI in college.

P.S. In a drunken stupor someone had a moment of clarity and came up with the name. Get it - the Ice beast?

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Dec 2005
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I think "Ice Beer" is an advertising gimmick. It just means that the beer is filtered when cold, to get rid of 'chill haze'. It probably means that the found a way to brew cheap beer that would be cloudy if they didn't "ice filter" it. Which brewer used to sell "cold filtered" megaswill?

Tried googleing for what it really means?
So far, I've had more experience thinking than I've had don't think they are mutually exclusive, do you?

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It's called Eisbock (Ice Bock) in Germany. And I just found out that it is illegal to brew in the US when I was reading "Designing Great Beers". But this made me even more interested in giving it a try.

Yeah, and I don't think either that the American ice brews have anything to do with ice beer.

The Maltose Falcons have an article about making an Eisbock on their web page. When I first came across this, I didn't even know it was illegal:


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boo boo
Jun 2005
Hearts's Delight, Newfoundland
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I made a "Ice beer" last summer when I used real iceberg ice melted and filtered. Made a nice pilsner. If luck holds this year I'll do my best to get more ice.

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Nov 2005
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There's two different types of 'ice beers' that really have nothing to do with each other

1) pis*y tasting lagers that are run through an ice bed to filter some of the yuck. These are the megaswill types that we get here in Canada and the US.

2) German style Eisbock (or Ice Bock in English) which starts out as either a light or dark bock beer running about 8% ABV. After primary fermentation but prior to lagering, the beer is brought down below the freezing point to where the water turns to slush. The beer is then separated from the slush (or vice versa) and the lagering phase is begun. The freezing and slush removal phase can be repeated over and over until the strength, taste and alc.% desired is reached.

I make a batch each winter (and don't care if it's legal or not) by scooping the slush out of the unlagered beer until I've reduced the volume from 23 liters down to 12. I use these volumes simply because that's what size carboys I've got.

The resulting high alc beer gets lagered for at least 6 months then kegged, fermented, bottled and labeled. I call it I, Spock.

Seems to be a favourite with the local beer club and is surprisingly smooth and non-alchoholic tasting for a 12%+ beer.

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El Pistolero
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Originally Posted by Mikey
I call it I, Spock.
Now that is a clever name. Have you registered it?
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