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Well I have brewed 2 extract batches thus far. The first batch turned out pretty well. Some of the beers were lacking in the head dept. but other than that they are great. I have been contemplating moving to kegging or all grain, and I think the time is right for all grain. I don't mind bottling with two people but kegs are definitley in my future as well.

Here are my questions

I want to be able to brew 10 gallon batches in the future so what size boil pot and mash tun should I get? Will this work for a brew pot and mash tun? I could just sparge into a bucket and then siphon it back into the boil pot after I clean out the mash. Sounds like extra work but the price is right. http://cgi.ebay.com/32Qt-Stainless-H...QQcmdZViewItem

I am going to be brewing outside and will need a propane burner reccomendations? How fast do these things use gas?

I don't have a wort chiller as I have been using ice baths which works but not good enough IMO. Can I get a 50' IC and use that for 5 or 10 gallon batches?

I guess I will need a pitcher of some sort because I am going to batch sparge. Anything I need to know here?

Also all of this is going to have to be done on my patio on the ground unless I can come up with a brew stand. I am not good with making things so any suggestions here?

I can't think of anything else that I would need, maybe a mash paddle but that is about it.

Is there anyway I can do all of this for 200 dollars. I know I can buy the mash tun for 130 bucks, but am not sure what the cost of the rest of it will be, probably much more than I want to know. It may be cheaper to make a kegerator. Anyways I have decided to buy into the all grain hype and see for myself. Your input as always is apperciated as I know I spend most time here asking questions not answering them.


Will a 20 qt stock pot work for sparge water?

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Mash tun $130??? Settle down friend. All grain can be done for peanuts. Almost any 20-50 qt cooler can be converted to a tun. Check out denny's link below:


A 20 qt pot will work for sparge water...absolutely. Be advised that for a first effort you do not deed a seperate pot fpr sparge water. Simply heat the sparge water in you kettle and collect your wort in another container...bucket, pot, ???

When you are done sparging, fill the kettle and boil away. My suggestion would be to do some batches w/ minimal equipment and then expand as you gain experience.

IMO that pot is way to small for anything beyond 5 gal. Keep looking...check out instawares...this 60 qt would do 10 gal, no spigot but you could add a valve or syphon out.



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The $200 budget is gonna go pretty quick.

Ditto with Mike on the cooler-tun. This will be the biggest savings and very easy to do.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the aluminum boiler, but I've heard a lot of brewers using them with no problems, so this can work too.

With copper prices where they are right now, the chiller is gonna be a shocker to your budget. A 50 footer is about $100. This can be reduced a bit by making it yourself. Stainless Steel is almost the same price. (checked prices at midwestsuppies.com)

Cookers, I would say for the future 10Gal batches you will need something like the Banjo on this page:
Propane Burner, Single Propane Burners
I have the SQ14 for 5Gal batches and have had no complaints.

For the time being I use a buffet table to get the cooler-tun high enough to gravity drain into the boiler. Lowes or Home Despot have one thats 4' long and a bit narrower than mine that might save some room for ya. I'm in the planning stage of my rolling stand right now.

Like Mike said, use the minimum of equipment till you get the process down and you can use your experience to make choices for how you want to brew.

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