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Originally Posted by BarleyWater View Post
I agree with the supply, but not price. You must not have been brewing long, because even at AHS, they used to be about $1 per ounce, now they're $5. A 500% increase in a year regardless of actual price is too expensive. My IPA now costs me an extra $20 per 5 gallon batch just in hops.
Not to hijack this thread or anything () but, I have noticed the price level compared to other places. It seems like they have a larger selection, but I hope the prices drop when the hop shortage tones down a bit more. Some retailers are already lifting restrictions or lowering prices.
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You would think we were buying a bouquet of roses rather than hops.

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wow, i thought hops were expensive here in europe as i just bought 4oz centennial for the equivalent of $13 but on your AHS website they would cost $20. madness
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I must be fortunate. I pay $3- 3.50 per oz at my LHBS, and I'm still trying to find quantity deals on unoxidized hops.
WBC, if they are unoxidized they smell and look better than roses, and yes I have toyed with the idea of roses for aroma. At least I can grow roses in the desert.
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about 3.50-4 bucks for 2 oz at more beer for most hops. and its 3 blocks away

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The 2008 harvest is in full swing. Haven't heard anything about quality/quantity, but as bad as my summer has been, the weather in Yakima and the Willamette valley has been nominal.

OP - I just bag and freeze mine. Anything under 1/2 ounce goes into a amalgam bag for use in a mystery beer.
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buying is a bit of a gamble at this point. but you will likely see your best prices either right now as the harvest is coming in or in a few months when stocks are full and sales are flat. All depends on how good the harvest is and how well they sell at the inflated prices.

your looking at three possible scenarios:
1. harvest is good, sales are good and prices stay flat.
2. harvest is bad for the 2nd year and prices continue to inflate.
3. harvest is good, sales are bad due to inflated prices and prices begin to drop in a few months.

personally i am betting that even if the 3rd scenario does happen it wont be a significant drop till next years harvest is getting close.

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There's a hop shortage???

Seriously though, vaccuum sealers are the best choice, but zip-lock freezer bags are a decent second choice. Keep them in the freezer and they'll keep for a pretty long time.
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