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Jul 2008
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Ok my friends...I'm pretty much a nub to this site and to brewing, but I've enjoyed both tremendously. One of my best buds, an Aussie tennis coach at our local university, keeps raving about this piss water called Victoria Bitter. Does anyone have a recipe that come close to this? I'm gonna need pretty detailed information to do this, so if any of you are willing and know this beer, can you walk a brother through this process?

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Mar 2008
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i totally thought this said VD.....good luck
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found this in 2 seconds on google don't know if it's much help

This is an excerpt from Homebrewers Digest #2498, 9/3/97.

From: Andy Walsh
Subject: for that hard, cold thirst, the beer is VIC!

Brian Travis asks about Victoria Bitter.
First, a little history.
Fosters Brewing make 3 standard lagers; Fosters Lager, Victoria Bitter
and Crown Lager (4 if you include Melbourne Bitter). For many years,
Fosters was the most popular of the 3, VB was barely advertised, and
Crown the expensive "premium" brand. To confuse matters, Australian
"Bitter" is not particularly bitter, and is not an ale either. It is
just a low-hopped lager, and the term "Bitter" was seized by marketers
to differentiate their product from all the other similar products (you
can only have so many bottle/can colours. Fosters is blue, VB green,
Melbourne Bitter red and Crown comes in a fancy gold-labelled bottle).

Then something happened. VB for some unknown reason steadily grew in
sales (despite an incredibly low advertising budget - the ads on TV now
are at least 20 years old and use the voice of an actor dead for some 15
years or so!) until now it commands some 40% of the entire Australian
beer market. Who says increasing advertising pays dividends?

Since I've surprised a few of the North American HBDers recently by
stating US Tettnang = Fuggle (thanks for some great detective work,
Jim!), I'll go out on a limb and surprise the Aussies by stating that
for all intents and purposes the 3 beers mentioned are the same too.
Fosters brew one stream from which all 3 derive, without boiling hops
(or minimal, solely to aid break formation), and use high gravity
techniques. Hops are added to the bright beer (post filtration) in the
form of a product called HPL6, an isomerised hop extract formed
originally from hops extracted with liquid CO2. No hop aroma exists in
any of them, and IBUs vary marginally from the 22 mark. All have the
same alcohol concentration of 4.9% (by volume). The aroma is best
described as "sewer" (ethyl mercaptan?), from the combination of high
temperature lager fermentation and yeast strain used.

Recipe for any of them:
-OG = 1.042 (or 1.060 if you want to high gravity brew for authenticity)
-FG = 1.006
-soft water
-30% sucrose
-2 row well-modified lager malt
-encourage fermentability via 63-65C rests with pH ~ 5.2 @ mash temp.
(no protein rest!)
-Step infusion mash.
-Fermentation - pitch at 14C, allow to rise up to 18C
-Choice of yeast critical. Fosters use their own strain. Some yeasts
won't ferment well with this much sucrose and will either stick and/or
produce truckloads of acetaldehyde. Try Wyeast Danish lager.
Addition of a yeast nutrient (nitrogen) is wise with so much sucrose
-22 IBU with pride of ringwood hops (any high alpha will do)
-no hop flavour or aroma
-No diacetyl.
-Serve so cold you can't taste how vile it really is, and don't forget
to hold your nose...

One beer...

Andy (Cantillon-is-just-Coopers-made-in-a-dirty-fermenter) Walsh.

PS. Beer trivia - the Fosters brothers were American, and returned to
New York after just 1 year. (gee, thanks for the legacy!)

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Old 08-30-2008, 02:40 AM   #4
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Jul 2008
Middle Tennessee
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This may be above my ability, but I really appreciate the help.

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Old 08-31-2008, 08:28 AM   #5
Sep 2005
Western Australia
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Mate I am from Oz and that beer if you can call it that is a [email protected] joke down hear I would not bother
"There is nothing more lonesome than a pub with no beer" (slim dusty)

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Old 06-07-2009, 07:25 AM   #6
Jun 2009
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where the hell are you from Spoonta!?!?!? no joke, best beer in the country! If anybody has a recipe for VB, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know

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Old 06-07-2009, 10:38 AM   #7
May 2009
Melbourne Australia
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VB Is a vile chemical concoction which causes severe headaches.
Any beer drinker would be better off with water!!
They call it "piss" down here for a reason!!

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Mar 2009
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Agreed with the piss comment. I recall someone asked about a VB recipe a few weeks ago. I'd suggest cloning a better Aussie beer.

I remember someone bringing a carton over one time. Managed to choke down one or two stubbies, and then drove the 50 clicks into town to buy a proper beer.

Being a Croweater myself, I'm more partial to West End Draught and Cooper's.

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Old 08-08-2012, 10:11 PM   #9
Nov 2010
asheville, nc
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Originally Posted by jabba View Post
VB Is a vile chemical concoction which causes severe headaches.
Any beer drinker would be better off with water!!
They call it "piss" down here for a reason!!
I realise this is old but you know this kind of idiotic addlebrained comment is why people laugh at all of you as wannabe snobs.

People have different tastes. A lot of you prefer muddy horrid smelling beers with garbage (yeast) floating in them that make 99% of humanity retch. Different people have different tastes. I guess they didnt murder this with so many hops it makes your eyes cross so its not "cool".

I happen to love VB. IT's the ONLY "darker" beer i like. I know people who brew beer who love love LOVE Pbr. And think youre idiots. It would make everyone who homebrewed look less like socially maladapted losers if you acted like grownups and not as idiotic as the wine snobs.

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Old 08-09-2012, 12:05 AM   #10
Jan 2012
san mateo, ca
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Maybe my computers wrong, but did you seriously revive a post from June to have a hissy fit?

Dude, have a homebrew and don't get so reactive to the Internet. Cheers.
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