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Check to see if there are any commercial beverage gas supply houses nearby. There's a place near me that I think does primarily industrial and welding gases, but they also supply for beverage use. They're usually never busy when I go and can fill my tank while I wait. They can do CO2 or beer gas mix, but they're strict on the tank type - they won't fill a tank with beer gas mix unless it has a CGA-580 valve (typically, a nitrogen tank) and is painted black to indicate that it's not straight N2, argon, or helium. It has to be CGA-320 for plain CO2, but I don't think the tank color matters in that case.
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Just got mine filled while I waited. 8.50 for the fill and 3.95 for WA Hazmat fee....Grrrr

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Originally Posted by FxdGrMind View Post
Just got mine filled while I waited. 8.50 for the fill and 3.95 for WA Hazmat fee....Grrrr
Where was that?

I just wanted to follow up and say Kent Oxygen was a great experience - dropped my tank off in the AM and had a voicemail a couple of hours later saying it was ready to be picked up. Something like $18 for a 5 lb fill, pricey I know, but it's a small local business, and it was worth it to keep my pretty new Al tank.

20 lb fill there is $29. I plan on getting a bigger tank shortly.

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Just ordered my kegging equipment including the previously mentioned shiny new CO2 tank. Called around today and most people want to swap tanks. Meh! Found a local place that wants $19 for a swap but they pointed me to their depot that does refills. They want $23.62 to refill.

So do I plan to spend $4.62 extra per fill to keep my shiny CO2 tank? You bet!
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if its in hyrdo, airgas will trade. then in 6 years or less when its out, no matter! they trade again and pay the $18 hyrdo fee (it needs to have their name stamped on the neck or a shoulder sticker and your golden).

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Nov 2009
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I bought a used 5lb CO2 tank about a month ago, and I'm still looking for a place to fill/swap it in Albuquerque. The hard part is finding a place that is close or just one bus ride since I don't have a car.
I just bought a nice aluminum oxygen "D" cylinder (415 liters) with regulator for $35 shipped off ebay tonight, so I'm gonna be looking for a place to fill that too. How many brews would that last me? (30sec*1 lpm=0.5 liters/brew, 830 brews) ???

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Old 01-19-2010, 04:51 PM   #37
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wow...I've never had any problems with AirGas refilling my personal 5# tank. They offer exchange right now or fill personal tank for later pickup. All they asked was if it was hydro'd and since it was new and had right stamping they fill it no problem. think it's about $13 including taxes and fees.

I'm moving soon outta state so hopefully all the AirGas locations will do the same and I just didn't find the only location that does it.

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Oct 2009
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I get mine filled while I wait at a fire protection place. But I really don't mind a swap on the steel tank. I have a nice aluminum 20lb power tank for my truck that I won't let go of. (It's also my back up keg gas.)

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I know this is a way old thread, but I just got an answer from my local industrial CO2 company.

They said that there isn't a difference between beverage grade CO2 and industrial CO2 except for a certification (they sell both). For high-stakes applications (like maybe medical, I don't know... she didn't say) that require a certificate for everything, they go through an extra certifying process so that there's a paper trail. Industrial grade CO2 is what is used in all of the soda dispensing units, not beverage grade.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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Originally Posted by jspence1 View Post
Check out the local fire control places. They are the best prices in my area and they FILL it while you wait.

good luck
The place I go is even better....he fills it while I WATCH. Holy crap the filling machine is loud, too.
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