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Let me set the scene:
SWMBO and I were out walking the dogs this afternoon. We live in townhouse community with rows of 4-5 units facing each other with the street and parking between, perpendicular to the units.

We had just passed by one unit where a somewhat old, somewhat eccentric lady lives. She pulled in parallel to her unit (she does this sometimes) and then after we passed by she pulled out, and pulled in across the street perpendicular to the units across the street from hers. At this point we are about 30 yards from her and across the street.

All the sudden we hear tires squealing and both turn around to see what is going on. I am not sure of the exact thought in our minds at that point but without consulting each other we start running towards the nearest units' front doors in response to the red Dodge Durango in reverse barreling toward us.

At some point the driver turns the wheel hard, clips the bumper of one of the other parked cars and crashes through the front door/windows of the house across the street from where we are standing. SWMBO went to chase down the dog (I let go of the leash at some point) and I went over to make sure the driver was OK.

Thankfully she was fine, quite shaken and there is no one living in the house. Neighbors and lawn care workers called 911 and the police were there in minutes. I am not sure what happened, either the gas got stuck or she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. It was just a very close call if we had been 20-30 yards up the street this would have been a much different post. Having a runaway car coming at you (seemed like 30ish MPH) is quite a frightening experience especially when you are walking.

This is basically the first entire car crash I have ever witnessed. Anyone else personally witness anything crazy like this?

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Sounds terrifying, glad everone is ok...
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I was in a fun car accident about a year and a half ago. it was at an uncontrolled intersection, I pulled up to the intersection, knowing that people tend to barrel through the intersection I slowed way down, saw a woman coming from my right so I stop to be nice and let her through, after she is through the intersection I start pulling forward, and I'm about halfway through when I suddenly realize that she has put her car in reverse and is now attempting to go in reverse through the intersection at about 20 miles an hour.

At that point there wasn't much for me to do except watch as she backs into me (I did honk, but she must not have been paying much attention.) She slams into me, the road was icy, so my little '86 Jetta goes spinning into a parked car. The woman had hit the B pillar of my car dead center on the driver's side, and when my car spun into the parked car, it hit the B pillar dead center on the passenger side. All 4 doors of my car were pinned shut, but I was able to kick out the front, passenger side door after a couple of minutes.

Turns out that the woman, who was in her 40s had both her daughter and mother in the car, and she had tried to back through the intersection because she had missed her turn, and obviously didn't bother looking behind her.

In Minnesota, fault for accidents is shared between drivers and the insurance companies pay out based on how much each driver is at fault. When I finished telling my story to the woman's insurance carrier, they didn't make a peep about it being even 1% my fault and they payed me more for my totaled car than I had originally paid for it.

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Wow- that happens more times than is doesnt
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