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Feb 2008
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As one moves forward in home brewing, with plans to eventually go all grain, it's obvious that a decent burner is an important choice. While I'm nowhere near yet, I can certainly entertain the idea of going to 10 gallon batches someday as well. Actually I entertain the idea of a 15 bbl system someday, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I've done some searches, and haven't found a good pro/con comparison between Bayou Classic's SP-10 Jet Cooker, and the SQ-14 Square Cooker (which BC calls a patio stove).

I like the look of the SQ-14; its 4-legged design seems a lot more stable. However, the SP-10 apparently has a much higher BTU output as well as what I think is an additional benefit: a wind shield.

I know the SQ-14 can be beefed up, to a certain extent, but that seems like chasing one's tail, especially when a burner can be had with the higher specs right out of the box, for less no less. (redundant?)

Other than having 4 legs, are there any other benefits to choosing the SQ-14 over the SP-10? Obviously the Jet Cooker has been around a while, and despite my concerns I have to imagine it's plenty sturdy, right?


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Jun 2008
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I have the 255,000 BTU bayou burner, im not sure of the model number. It works great, brings 12g of wort to a boil in under 20 mins. Also since it is so powerful I turn it way down when I get my boil which uses very little propane. I did however have to weld some pieces of metal to it to make it more stable for using my keggle. Other then that, I love it

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Sep 2007
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I have the SP-10 and love it

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Feb 2008
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I picked up the SQ-14 the other day and am looking forward to using it this weekend. It feels very sturdy and fits a keg nicely...
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We've talked about this a bit, I have been having problems with my SQ-14 (which actually contains a BG12 burner) not bringing a keggle to a boil. I am considering buying a 30psi adjustable reg to see if I can correct this problem.

If the $$ is there, you might look at a KAB4 (containing the BG14 burner). The Kick-A-Banjo is a hellaciously powerful burner.

The SP-10 contains the BG10 burner, which is the standard 55k turkey fryer. Many people have stellar luck with theirs. My old BG10 is still kicking away too. Here is the page distinguishing Bayou's 3 burners. Each different permutation of a "full package" contains one of these 3 actual burners.


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If the burner surface is only 14" in diameter on the SP-10, as indicated here, then don't plan on using a keg as a kettle, as they need to be supported by the rim, which is at about 15" in diameter.

I have the SQ-14, used with a keggle, and have been very happy with it. It's easily and quickly brought 9+ gallons of wort to boil and I'm confident 10 gallon batches won't be an issue either.

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Feb 2008
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+1 on the SQ-14. I'm able to boil 6.5g in about 20-30min. Super stable and I would think more gas efficient than the other more powerful models. Again, once the wort is boiling, I can almost turn it off to keep a strong boil.
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Feb 2008
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From the sound of it, for the most part, people are happy with whichever one they decided to go with.
Chriso, that link to the burners is great, really puts it all in a nutshell. I think I might be leaning toward the SP-10; going to have to ponder it some.
Thanks for the input folks!

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May 2008
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I have a sp-10 with a 60 psi regulator hooked up to it. Man this thing will cook. And I believe if I turned it on high, it would melt itself.

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Feb 2006
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Nothing should prevent you from taking a SP 10 and welding on more legs for greater stability if that is to your liking. Just because that is only what's not available should not limit you to what you want or how to modify it for your needs.
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