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Well maybe anyways. I heard today at a meeting of a 3-5 mo temporary project management position at my work that I would assume be based out of Zürich, our European HQ. It's right up my alley and I'm 90% sure I can raise my hand to get it. It was only discussed briefly on a conference call but it was spun more like extensive travel back/forth to Europe from the US but more time over there than here. Project breaks down into 7 other countries and addressing a global initiative which those managing peeps are primarily in Zürich. The lead happens to be my old boss, hence the in.

All that trans-atlantic travel costs money (and I hate traveling across the pond and doing it every 10 days or so would suck.) so I'm going to recommend I relocate over there for the 3-5 months with my wife. Timing is right in the personal life and would be an awesome experience. As long as I can take leave of my current job and get it back when I return I think I'm in and got the email ready to send to the CIO. One more Makers Mark and I'm sure I'll hit send .

Enough of the backgrounder. I know some of you have done similar in your past. Anything to share from the private market sector on this kind of experience? Things you forgot when you got over there that made you say "Sh!t".

My one big concern and could be a nail in the coffin is how to deal with health care. My wife has some chronic issues and it's often a roller coaster ride so seeing specialists and needing meds is all but guaranteed while there. I'm not expecting too much knowledge on this but maybe someone knows something either how it works over there and how you had to deal with your US based health insurance.

Anyways, cool stuff and after 24 hrs of thinking it over I definitely am up for this if I can make it happen.

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I lived in St. Gallen from 2000-2004 and I recommend getting a local health insurance. They are not overly expensive and health care in Switzerland is really good. Also getting meds is not an issue at all. I even think meds are better there since it is more regulated and not as easy as here in the US to push bs on the market.

As far as Zürich goes... beautyful, but expensive. You can take the train pretty much anywhere and it's affordable. 2.5h to Stuttgart, 3-4h to Munich, 4h Milano, etc. Also all other Swiss cities are within easy reach. If you are into skiing, the train will stop right where the slopes are (almost) It is definately a great experience if your company is able to pull it of. Your still will probably be limited to 3month with the tourist visa (as far as I remember), otherwise they would have to get a work permit for you which is a similar hassle to get one over here.

Let me know if you have any specific questions I might be able to help you out with.
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