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Old 08-12-2008, 08:07 PM   #1
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Oct 2007
Littleton, CO
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Just curious about who else at HBT is a poker player?

I usually play online at pokerstars on the play money tournaments.
I was in Vegas yesterday for work and had a few hours to spare, so I went to the poker room at the Excalibur. I played $2-$4 limit hold'em for about an hour and a half. I came away feeling pretty good, having bought in for $60 and cashing out about $130.

Did I hit a lucky streak, or was I at a table full of fish? Who cares. All proceeds go into my brewing fund.

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Old 08-12-2008, 08:28 PM   #2
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May 2008
Twin Cities, MN
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I'm a big fan of playing, but rarely for money. I usually play at Full Tilt or the Buzztime poker when I'm at the bar.

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Old 08-12-2008, 08:41 PM   #3
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May 2006
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I've been starting to get back into poker a bit (burned out for a while). I just play the freebie game through ESPN. The action's a lot looser than you would expect if there was actually MONEY at stake. Just re-making my bones before deciding whether to play for real or not.
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Old 08-12-2008, 08:59 PM   #4
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Mar 2008
the Desert, CA
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I play for money with a bunch of friends every other week. Buy-in is only $5 so we're not too serious. It's more of an excuse to drink my HB and other kinds of beer. I used to play on pokerstars almost every day, but I haven't done that in ages.
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Old 08-12-2008, 09:15 PM   #5
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Apr 2007
Oakland, CA
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friends and family...anywhere from $5-$100 buy-in. everyone plays texas hold-em...whatever happened to good old 7 card stud and 5 card draw???

i've been wanting to host a homebrew poker party at my pad, but most of my close friends (including my roommate) aren't into poker.

a friend of mine plays online a lot. last i heard he was up $50.00. pretty good since he bought in at $15 or something like that.
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Old 08-12-2008, 09:40 PM   #6
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Jan 2008
Spring, TX
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I used to play twice a week in a free poker league, NPPL. I try to get on PokerStars whenever I can. I've been itching to find a home game in North Houston/Spring/Humble area before my wife and I head back to Vegas this October for my brother's 21st birthday.
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Old 08-12-2008, 10:56 PM   #7
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Jun 2008
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I play Texas Hold Em pretty regularly. I've stopped playing online though.

There's a casino nearby, just across the river in Indiana, but it's a lot more difficult to win money at poker there than it is in Vegas. In Vegas, you've got a pretty good chance of playing against a table full of vacationers who've seen poker on TV a few times and think they know how to play. Here, it's mostly the local players who really do know what they're doing.

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Old 08-12-2008, 10:58 PM   #8
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Jan 2008
Seattle, WA
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I used to play fairly often but fell out of touch with poker buddies, but we're teaching a friend how to play, so hopefully we'll have regular poker games again!

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Old 08-12-2008, 11:30 PM   #9
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Aug 2007
Melbourne, Fl
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Man Poker is a special thing for me. Ever since I could remember when we would get together with my father's side of the family they would all play nickle and dime poker every evening. Always brings back great memories.

I use to play alot but then the Texas hold em craze hit and after a few years of that I got a little burned out on it. It was very hard to find a table full of people wanting to play dealer's choice. My wife is actually encouraging me to start a poke night once or twice a month.

I REALLY dont like the on-line poker scene. For me 90% of the game is social/psychological element. Pretty dang hard to get a read on an avatar.
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Old 08-13-2008, 02:43 PM   #10
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Aug 2006
Horsham, PA, Pennsylvania
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I love playing, but seem to only get a game in every other month or so. I don't like online, only face to face for me. One of the head muckety mucks at my office invited me to his game, and that seems to be the only one I have going now. The buy in is $100, and most people re-up once or twice a game.

Once I get a new place, I am going to set up a regular game for my friends and make the buy in a little more family friendly.

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