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I don't get free beers but if I'm at a place with a decent beer selection I'll ask for a sample and have never been turned down. I don't think getting a free beer is something you should expect for buying a few. Unless you're a regular at the place in question and tip well.
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I've gotten free drinks before, but it's definitely rare and always involved a lot of flirting or other social interaction. It's never been a gimme and I've always been very appreciative and tipped accordingly.

Last time was at a thai restaurant with a buddy. I got a free round plus some fantastic free spicy thai soup.

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Getting a free drink is nice. Expecting a free drink just because you bought a few beers is douchie. End of story.
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Originally Posted by orfy View Post
I only get free beer at pubs if I swap it for something.
There again, it's not the done thing to tip at a pub.
You can and do every once in a while but it's not expected.
And even then you are not exctly tipping them. You are "Buying them one" up north they will usually translate it as a set amount, down south they will either accept a drink or the full price of one.

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Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
Getting a free drink is nice. Expecting a free drink just because you bought a few beers is douchie. End of story.
Sirius. I mean what was your attitude ? Was it Hey NumbNuts gimme a free beer ? I'll bet you even hinted at it.
Redskins SUCK !! lol.

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When I first moved to Maryland after The Big Blow (aka, Katrina), I frequented a local brewpub every Friday when my wife was at work.

During that time I only had one freebie. But it was a nifty one. The brewer usually came in on Friday afternoons to wrap up stuff, and sat with the regulars. One day, he came up behind the bar stools, and set a beer in front of me and the guy next to me. They were samples of his newest batch of Belgian Wit. Pint-sized samples.

Made me feel kind of nifty.
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Ray McNeill gave us beers at Yankee Inebriation. Of couse, we reciprocated in kind (and then some)!

proudest moment of my brewing career is when he asked for a second pint of my APA
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I get an occasional free beer at certain bars. Great service, conversation, and I tip well.

Once place in Pittsburgh, the lady would buy my first round. Great gal behind the bar at Smokey Bones in Robinson.

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Originally Posted by orfy View Post
I only get free beer at pubs if I swap it for something.
There again, it's not the done thing to tip at a pub.
You can and do every once in a while but it's not expected.
I like this better than the under-paid, over-tipped server staffing system here. What are we up to now, 20%? Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those jip-tipping guys, but it doesn't mean I have to agree with it.

On topic, I've never expected a free drink.

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I've never got a "free" drink. There's been once or twice where I've pointed out that they omitted to charge me for one (out of a handful total) and they've said "oh don't worry about it"... but never outright had them say "This one's on me!". And those times, I always tip 2x the cost of the beer I wasn't charged for, minimum.

I usually tip 20%-30% at bars, but I'm a needy customer. I drink 'em quick, so they do a lot of walking back and forth to my table. Last weekend I killed 3 hours in a great little local-brewpub... Tab was around $60 including beers, chicken fingers, a cheeseburger, more beers, a shirt, a pint glass, more beers, and a 50# sack of grain. I tipped an extra $20. What can I say, the service was top-notch and the beers were to die for. 33% ain't so bad.

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