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Old 08-09-2008, 04:54 PM   #1
Jul 2008
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I have an unused Nitrous tank (10#) that was destined to be used in my car.

It never got installed and used.

I was wondering if I could use that tank and fill it with CO2 instead and use it for kegging?

I'd have to check the fitting on the tank but I think it's a standard gas out.

Only difference I can think of would be the sticker that says "Nitrous Xpress".


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Brandon O
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Jun 2008
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found this for you

Nitro beers require either a gas blender (mcdantim) with a CO2 and a Nitrogen tank or a premix bottle of blended gas. If this is for a home unit, go with the bottle of pre mix. The regulator for nitrogen is different than CO2, it has a male fitting as opposed to CO2 which has a female fitting. Either an adapter or a new regulator is needed. The faucet for nitrogen is a "creamer" style which is also needed for a proper pour. The faucets can be pretty pricy. www.micromatic.com is the place for more info and to order parts.

personally I don't know if a nitrous oxide tank and a nitrogen tank are interchangeable.

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Sep 2007
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What pressure is your nitrous tank rated for? I'm not sure what total psi (when it is full) nitrous is at, but my 5# CO2 is around 900 psi when full. Check with your local welding shop and ask them this question, or if you have a gas distributor around.

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Old 08-10-2008, 01:21 AM   #4
Jul 2008
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actually you have a good point.

I've seen nitrous pressures (on a previous car/setup) on the order of 1800psi when the tank was warm... so I DONT think I can use it.

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Old 08-10-2008, 01:27 AM   #5
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Jul 2006
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If nitrous pressurizes to 1800 psi at warm temps, the tank will hold CO2 just fine. CO2 only requires about 800 psi at room temp.

Now, if you want to use it for nitrogen, it's a different story. However, I think Brandon O misunderstood the question.
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Jul 2008
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The CGA 326 fitting found on a nitrous tank is different and would either require re-valving or an adapter to the CGA 320 that is on CO2. I am not sure they make an adapter for those two fittings as it would highly abnormal to adapt those CGA's for any reason. Re-valving isn't cheap and would end up costing you more unless you know someone in the business, otherwise, once re-valved you could use it. CO2 can be placed in almost any tank, and is often placed in the older tanks due to its lower pressures.

I am sorry, there is a fitting adapter to go from a CGA 326 to CGA 320 for $22. The issue is no supplier will fill it as their filling connections are CGA 320 and they will not adapt for filling for safety reasons...... unless you find some tiny hole in the wall place that seriously doesn't care.
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Old 08-10-2008, 03:14 AM   #7
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Mar 2007
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Not worth the effort, and probebly not going to happen. Went through the same thing with a buddies car with an old nitrous kit we turned into a co2 intercooler sprayer on his GN. Best bet is to sell the bottle and get a co2 tank.

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Sep 2007
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Dont forget that a N2O bottle also has a dip tube in it. The threads on the valve is different for any style regulator as well.

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