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May 2008
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This hits me once in a while, and getting smashed only works around 1/4 of the time. Your focused on work, and the only answer is to get work down to the point that it is just another day. I worked in the biz from dives to 5+ star fine dining in college. Fine dining really sucks to work in.
I would recommend running, or some serious exercise while your working on clearing your mind. Hey worst case, force carbonate a keg until you throw a shoulder or have a heart attack.
Truly though, it's only a job. Do not let it mess up your health or life, it's not worth it.
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Originally Posted by MikeFlynn74 View Post
weed before bed.

*not a doctor*
i'm not a doctor either, but this makes me sleep like a baby.
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Originally Posted by uglygoat View Post
i'm not a doctor either, but this makes me sleep like a baby.
I concur, do you concur?
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May 2008
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I had the same issue with sleeping for years. It wasn't until I was married that my wife pointed out how much sugar I was having right before bed. I now limit my sugar and caffeine intake before bed. No caffeine after 4pm and limit sugar/eating after 6pm.

This has helped a lot. I can tell it still happens when I have kettle corn during a show or movie, as it takes a while to fall asleep afterwards.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by MikeFlynn74 View Post
weed before bed.

*not a doctor*


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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by RichBrewer View Post
If none of this works, try an over the counter sleep medication.
I am not a doctor but... I would definitely recommend against over-the-counter medications... they can have serious side affects like increased blood-pressure when used in conjunction with other medications.

I have the same sleeping problem due to work-related stress (for example - right now I am in Juarez, MX for work - a dangerous place for someone carrying around expensive computer equipment and cell phones and this is stressing me out. BTW - 90% of the people here are very very nice).

Exercise and other stress reduction methods ("doin' the dirty" with SWMBO )work well when I am not traveling for work so you should concentrate on those. But when I am traveling for work the only thing that works well is my sleeping prescription.

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Feb 2008
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A hummer every night before bed should do it. You'd have a good excuse for asking. They usually make me sleepy afterwards.

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I have had chronic insomnia my whole life and it is primarily caused by what you describe - the inability to turn my brain off at night. The only thing I have found moderately helpful is not doing anything in bed other than sleeping (no watching TV, no reading the morning paper, nothing). Over time the brain starts to associate the bed with sleep and only sleep and eventually getting into bed acts as a cue to the brain to turn off. It doesn't work every night, but it has made a difference.

Something you might also want to consider is whether there is something about work you are anxious about. You mentioned that it is a new job and that it is very busy; it may be anxiety about work even though you are not work obsessed.
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Reading is my sleeping drug. I read every single night before I go to bed and it zonks me out after awhile esp. if I'm reading something like The Republic.

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