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Sep 2011
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Frigidaire - 8 Ball Locks on the floor, 2 on the hump
Model#: LFFN15M5HWB
Manufactured Date: 8-2011
Internal Dimensions: 42 1/2 W x 22 D x 29 H
Hump: 9 1/4 W x 22 D x 10 1/2 H
Hump to Lid: 19"

I'm using this freezer for my Keezer build.

FRIGIDAIRE 15 cu. ft. @ local Ding and Dent $315 + tax.
Click image for larger version

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May 2011
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I picked up my Frididaire 7.2 cu ft freezer on sale with free shipping from a few weeks ago. Model # FFFC07M2KW

It holds 3 pin locks perfectly and looks like if I want, I could add a 3 gallon on the shelf or build a collar. Currently I only have picnic taps, but will be adding a collar of some sorts and tap handles in the future. I'll also be splitting those regulators so I can have all four kegs going at once.

Click image for larger version

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Jan 2012
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Tagged! Awesome thread!

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Mar 2010
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I am looking for a freezer for a keezer, and I am wanting to start without a collar and with just picnic taps while I plan the rest of the project. Anyone know if most 7.2 or 8.8 freezers will hold a ball lock WITHOUT a collar height wise?


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Jul 2011
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The GE 7.0 cu ft will hold 4 (VERY tight) or 3 (easy) ball-lock with QD's with the lid closed. If you go the 4 route, you need to make sure that you co2 canister isn't too tall as it needs to be on the hump. (I have a squat 5# one that just barely works, a 4# skinny one that doesn't). If you just have 3 kegs in it, you will likely be able to fit the co2 canister on the floor, so plenty of vertical space. Then you can use the hump to hold some six packs or whatever.

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Jan 2012
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Whats the estimated price range of the total cost of making one of these big enough for 3 or 4 kegs???.....preferably no collar if theres a brand of freezer thatd work.

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Oct 2010
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tried searching the thread to no luck... best i can tell a 24.9cui freezer should be able to hold up to 14 kegs.

can anyone confirm?
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Jan 2012
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Does anyone know if the Frigidaire 7.2 will hold a 1/2 barrel?

Looks like it would be close, what is the distance front to back on the 7.2?

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I'm looking at the Kenmore 7.2 at Sears, on sale now for $171.49. There a pic earlier in this thread with 3 kegs on the floor. I'm wondering how close it is to fitting 4, hard to tell from the pic. I want 3 kegs on the floor and hoping my 20# co2 tank will squeeze in too (a hair narrower than a ball lock). If not, anyone that could give me the measurement from hump to lid please? I really don't want a tall collar on this one, been there done that. Thanks.

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Feb 2012
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I got a 5cu. Ft. Holiday/haier freezer this weekend off Craigslist. Who has this freezer and has converted it. Just looking for any issues you ran into or what the finished project looked like.


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