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Jul 2008
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Ok, so I left my ale because of an emergency...gone for a week and really didn't want to. When I got back the fermentation temp was at 78 and OMG would be a good response. I thought, oh well and left it alone and thought maybe it will still turn out ok and drinkable. Well, to no surprise, its awful and downright kinda nasty because of the intense fusal alcohol taste. Is there any way under to recover this beer?

Also, I have another batch that had a great ferm temp, a Boddingtons Pub Ale,clone from AHS. The primary was finished for the most part after 5 days(1-2 bubbles a minute). I left it in the secondary for 4 days at 76-77 degrees thinking it wouldn't hurt or cause any off flavors. It wont right?

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That first beer, the presumed ruined one. Dont touch it..No. NO, step away from the beer. That taste will mellow ALOT in the next few weeks.

Leave your beer in Primary for a minimum of 10 days. I do 10-14 days. Secondary for another 2 weeks if you want it clear. Then bottle.

No it wont hurt to leave it in the secondary.
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Dec 2006
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I'm also in the camp that says to keep a beer around and see what develops. Granted with lots of fusel alcohol in a beer, depending on your sensitivity, it may never be entirely pleasant after drinking em.

You're secondary temps aren't a concern.

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You have typical N00bitus...more than likely what you are attributing to high temp is REALLY just green-ness...

Are you tasting it before it has been in a bottle for 3 weeks??????????????????????

If the answer is "yes" then you can't make any judgements about your beer!!!!!

You beer is green...Read this http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showpost...&postcount=101

If it is after three weeks in the bottle read this...actually read it anyway because you considered dumping a beer;

Never dump a beer:
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Apr 2008
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i made the same mistake with my first all grain effort, a simple pale ale. i tasted it after three weeks and was disgusted. i waited another week and had the same opinion, so i started dumping bottles. about a month later i remembered that there were still a few bottles around and was baffled by the crisp, smooth hoppy, malty delight i was experiencing.
then i vowed never to dump again. i almost broke my rule months later with a spiced pumpkin ale that i overdosed with mace and was essentially undrinkable. luckily i didn't an after about 8 months it mellowed out and ended up being one of the best beers in the house.
that said, if a beer never comes around, you can use it for cooking or to keep snails and slugs out of your garden.

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When I did my first AG batch (an oatmeal stout), I was bombarded with problems: craptastic efficiency, stuck sparge, equipment issues, racked onto about a 1/2 gallon of StarSan solution in the BB....you name it. Thought for sure I had an infected batch when I tasted a hydrometer sample two weeks into fermentation- it was grainy and not good at all. I let it sit on the cake another 3 weeks and have it bottle conditioning now (about two weeks in). I suspect this will be an entirely different and quaffable beer after some time. This is a beer I'm tempted to cellar for several months before touching.

I definitely agree with Revvy- what you are tasting is green beer, and time will heal many wounds

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+1 on all the above, from experience.

Worst case, you can save it for when you've already had a few and no longer can tell the difference between good and bad.

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You could bottle it and call it Miller Lite ?
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So I am having the same problem with a Caramel Cream Ale. It tastes horribly green applish. 1 week in primary this is 2nd week in secondary. 1.062 OG and 1.010 SG. The taste is so vinegry and green apple that I can't stand it. If I read correctly I should let it chill out another week and bottle and condition for at least 3 weeks correct?

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