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Hello all,

A quick question about carbonation once beer's already been bottled. I finished bottling a Saison a month or so ago. After two weeks, I put them in the fridge. Everytime, I open open, however, foam rises out of the bottle, even if it's been sitting still for several minutes. When poring, about 90% of the glass is bead and 10% liquid.

My local brew supply store seemed to do a real quick measurement with my priming sugar, so I'm wondering if he gave me too much. One of the bottles exploded during the two weeks of conditioning. I carefully checked with a hydrometer before taking out of the secondary, so I'm sure it was done fermenting.

Any thoughts on what caused this? Any suggestions for what I can do now, other that having a ten minutes process from opening to actually drinking?


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Sounds like a gusher infection. This hits about 2-3 bottles out of my typical 50 bottles per batch. I'm not sure what causes them. It could be a thumbprint on your bottle cap when you bottle, or a small chunk of gunk left in some of the bottles.

Are ALL your bottles doing this though? Either there's a contamination that hit the entire batch, or there really is too much sugar in there. No bottle bombs?

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This is not a gusher.. Do you use carafoam by any chance. I have found that any of my batches that I did not let sit in secondary for long enough have had alot more head then any other. I also have to leave my bottles in the fridge for a solid 2 days before they are ready to drink. This last batch I did was most likely overcarbed. its too heady and just too fizzy.
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Well, you either have an infection, you added too much priming sugar, or you bottled too early.
What was the OG, what was the FG, and what yeast were you using?


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fat x nub
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i think u just added to much priming sugar...if u had an ifection i think u would taste it
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Is this guy serious??:
Originally Posted by papabeach1 View Post
so barley is a leaves of hops? or barley is a different plant? and blend with hops? I need that to be cleared thanks..

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When I first started brewing I had terrible problems with head retention, and thought that just adding more priming sugar would fix the problem. Well, all I ended up with (obviously, I now realize) was super carbed beer that still had crappy head retention. I used 6 ounces, and that didn't make a difference at all between using 5 ounces regarding bottles gushing, so I'm not sure priming sugar is your problem, unless you used WAY WAY too much. My guess is either the bottles were a little infected, or maybe the priming sugar didn't distribute evenly so you might later get bottles with much less carbonation. Either way, does it still taste good???

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You didn't wait three weeks before testing and chilling them..it is not an infection...

After the co2 gets produced it needs to get reabsorbed back into the solution...

Read this and watch the video...http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthre...=54362&page=11

We also recomend leaving in the fridge for a week before trying them..again to help the co2 reabsorb AND it helps coagulate proteins and prevents chill haze....

If you fridged all of them, take them out, let them sit for another couple of weeks and they should be fine.
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