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Jun 2011
esko, mn
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I would like to see that recipe if you have it onhand? Thanks

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Mar 2012
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When you add the apple juice to your secondary do you boil it first?

I have never added anything to secondary but hops, which are not an issue when it comes to adding bacteria etc because they are anti microbial, but can you just pour some juice in or does it need to be sanitized first?

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Originally Posted by RogueRyan17 View Post
i've got a ginger apple hefeweizen in secondary right now, if it comes out good, i can post the recipe. I used whole apples for my batch, froze them to break the cell walls, pasteurized in water, and then did a quick blend so they were in about nickel sized chunks.
Yes - I'm reviving an ancient thread... Anyone know the benefit of this "freezing to break the cell walls" technique? Is this supposed to release more flavor? I kinda can't imagine that the flavor itself is in the cells of the fruit, but I dunno...


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Dec 2013
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when pressing the fruit it allows you to release more juices if you freeze them first and then let them thaw.

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Apr 2014
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Haha now I realize that the recipe I got from my friend is 90% the one originally posted here, but with a few small changes such as adding some grains and spices. Also, as far as I know you cannot get unpasteurized apple juice or cider at the grocery store as it's like illegal ... You can only get unpasteurized straight from a farm itself.

Anyways, we followed the above but the OG was near 1.080-1.090 haha. So we thought we'd add more water to get it down to about 1.060 a typical OG. As such we had to add about an extra gallon of water and in the end it just diluted it down way too much. We only used 1 pack of Nottingham and did not rehydrate it. HOWEVER, at 24 hours the carboy had built so much pressure that it blew the airlock off and sprayed a 10' ceiling w the krausen haha. Lesson learned is the blowoff valve nessecity. Anyways, in the end I taste more of a cinnamon flavor (we added some) rather than apple which makes sense bc there was only 1 qt.

I'm about to redo it this weekend but use a gallon of apple cider, adding only enough water to get it to 5 gallons, leaving a crazy high gravity, and maybbeeee using 2 packs of Nottingham.

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Apr 2014
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Originally Posted by permo View Post
3# Amber liquid malt extract
3# light DME
1 lb Crystal/Caramel 80
3 oz toasted Oats
2# Honey (boil 60 minutes)
1oz Cascade (boil 60 minutes)
1 oz Cascade (boil 20 minutes)
1 oz Willamette Aroma (boil 0 minutes, when you turn off the flame )
1.5 tsp Irish Moss (boil 10 minutes)

Yeast: Dry English Ale Yeast,

1 whole nutmeg roughly crushed (boil 60)
3 Cinnamon stick (boil 60 minutes)
2 whole cloves (boil 60 minutes)
1 whole fresh rough chopped ginger (boil 60 minutes)
6 lbs chopped apples that I rinsed with hot water and froze in a 1 gallon bag with water (add this to cool wort at end of boil)
32 oz apple cider/jjuice added to secondary fermenter

My OG was 1.070 , after 5 days of fermentation it is sitting at 1.018 in secondary where it is now fermenting away with the apple juice. I think this is going to hit 8% ABV by the time it's said and done.

after I added the cider to secondary, fermentation started up again. I am likely going to let this carry on for a week and then rack again and possibly dry hop and rack it onto some more crushed apples or something. Or I might just leave it alone!
So you had 1.070 OG without the juice? Did you only put 4 gallons total in primary since you know you'd be adding a gallon of cider?

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Mar 2013
Reading, Pennsylvania
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I made an apple beer last fall. It was basically a brown ale with 5 lbs of apples on top of it in the secondary. It aged well and tasted great, but I would say that the taste of the apples was barely present. This year I think I'll top with a gallon of unpasteurized apple cider.

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Feb 2014
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