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I swear I'm reading it way to much, why the hell are people heating their honey? In beer and mead it takes all to volatiles and destroys them.

I even added it to my sig.

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I won't give out about the boiling of the honey. I think that mistake has been covered by now. As for the boilovers. I've heard of many brewers here keeping a santised spay bottle of boiled water handy to spray back the bubbles. Someone who uses that method may chime in here...
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...homebrew contains more satisfactrons per serving, so you don't have to drink as much as you would a commercial beer to get to your satisfactron saturation.

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New kid on the block chiming in here. I laughed with you, and at myself as I read your story. I've been there a few times myself, but with non-brewing misadventures. The worst of days make the best of tales!

You may have gotten something of a bonus by accident, if it's any consolation. My first read on brewing was Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Harrod Buhner. He says that in ancient meadmaking the whole hive was used, so they got the whole enchilada, including angry bees (venom) in the mix. Bee venom is said to have some amazing health properties, so perhaps you'll be drinking to your health in a whole new way.



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Damn I totally forgot about this thread sorry folks.

As far as boiling honey, *I* didn't think it needed to be done, but it wasn't my money I was spending and I had a hard enough time convincing him that starsan was safe to use. After a lot of discussion I talked him down to a 15 minute boil. It's not as fantastic of a honey flavor, but it's not just sweet water either thankfully.

I should have mentioned the 15 minute boil, but was exhausted at the time. I wanted to try 5 gallons to start out with, but when the 60 pound bucket and 4 carboys showed up, I figured moderation was going out the window. It was my first experience making mead, and usually I don't go hog wild like that. I did another, simple batch, maybe a gallon or so, just to compare next year, but I doubt I'll be doing the 20 gallons again any time soon (or not so soon as the case may be).

I'm going to have him try his and try mine. The big difference will be the boil.
I never did like to do anything simple when I could do it ass-backwards...

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So how's your disaster meads coming along?
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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