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I'm in the same boat you are, Eamus. I haven't done nearly as many brews as you, (about ready to do my 4th) but my last two have been subpar for sure, with an annoying off-flavor that I think I have pinpointed. After spending cash to go all grain, it was a huge disappointment to get that same "ehhh" beer that I got on some of my extract batches. The only beer I've been proud of was my first.

I just bought a kegerator and I'm going to keg my next batch. I'm hoping my next batch will be good, as I now have a way to control fermentation temp.

Have you tried copying one of your buddy's recipes? It sounds like your method is fine, since your buddy has watched you brew and hasn't pointed out any flaws.

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7 days in the primary is not enough. 14 to 21 days in the primary fermenter is better and forget the secondary transfer, it is not needed for ale yeasts. Always maintain proper fermentation temperatures. This is where most brewers fail due to not having any temperature control. Using sanitary procedures is an absolute must to prevent infections and off flavors.

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yea flavors really come out after 1 month
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Originally Posted by Tenchiro View Post
The successful have nobody to blame but themselves, I really wish they would take some responsibility for their own actions...

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Originally Posted by eriktlupus View Post
not to be an a** but that recipe is going to get you a thin tasting unbalanced bitter beer.if your after a malty sided beer try orfy's hobgoblin clone
I had the same two thoughts.
That recipe does look good, but it will produce a very light summer ale. Not a BMC but.. pretty close on malt flavour, or lack of it. You could try mashing a little higher but I don't think that is your problem. It looks like you have your volumes down, I brew into primary 6+ gals and overstuff my secondary and carboy. If I'm breaking a sweat, I'm getting the most out of it as I can.
Are your stirring well in the batch additions? Other than that your process look right on.
What is your overall brewhouse efficiency and mash efficiency? There has to be something you can key in on, it sounds like your making good beer, just not as good as you would like.
What temp do you ferment at?
I hate turning everything back at you as a question, I just have gone through a lot of the same issues lately.
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What can he do to change the recipe to make it better? 1 pound of Munich should add a decent malty flavor. I could see bumping up the mash temperature, but other than that I don't see anything that would make the brew thin and watery? At 60 IBU and dry hopped, I can't imagine getting anything close to BMC. Of course I've only designed one beer,tweaked a few, and never made an IPA.

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Have you brewed your own recipes for your 25 batch history, or have you brewed tested and proven recipes? Half of my problems starting out came from making my own recipes instead of getting the rest of my process done first. Tossing ingredients in the pot is easy and "drinkable" but I was disappointed that everything was just a little "thin".

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Originally Posted by hammacks View Post
Could you have a brew day with your buddy? Maybe he'll notice some differences in your methods.
That's exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes having an extra pair of eyeballs around helps.

Keep the faith, brother!

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BTW, I love all the help guys it really means alot

If there is one thing that I know is lacking its my temp control. I do my best and I always stay around the temp. range for the yeast, its never 72+ or under 65. But always right around 68 plus or minus a couple degrees. I really don't see this creating the "bleh" taste in all my beers though. I may get a more fruity wit, for example, but nothing I feel to make my beer sub-par. Especially if im on the 25 batch or so.

I have made my own recipes since about my 10th extract batch. I always use the "stand on the shoulder of giants" approach as I usually take recipes of beers I already enjoy and tweek them to more of my liking.

My IPA recipe, for example, was a mix and match myriad of different ingredients from IPA's I really enjoyed, such as 3 flloyds Alpha King (which I would have liked to be lighter). Shouldnt an IPA be a light and summery base ale? Is that IPA recipe really that bad? Most recipes for IPA are 90% 2-row anyway, I don't see how I could have steered wrong.

I really am starting to think that its just me not being patient enough waiting on my beers. I ALWAYS brew according to BJCP and to style, never out of it. Im very sanitary, and I think my processes are okay. I have brewing software that holds my hand through all of this as well.

I have just heard so many people drinking their beers after their 123 approach that I feel I should have the same great beer, esp. after 4 weeks in a bottle. BUT, every brew is different, made in different areas, with different brewers and different brew styles. This is what I think it comes down to. I just need to have patience and wait for my time. If I keep going down this aggravating road of being dissapointed with my beers before they are ready I will surely quit and that would just be sad.

ps - im def. going to start primary for 2 weeks + and then secondary, and then the bottles.
A watched pot does boil!

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Honestly, with your comment that "the beers seem to lose taste over time", and with you saying they all taste thin, I think an infection problem isn't out of the realm of possibilities. It is quite possible to have an infection that simply dries out the beers too far, and this can eliminate some flavor theoretically, without leaving much of any telltale sourness or funk.

And no, that is a nice IPA recipe. Certainly not on the maltier side of IPAs, but that is perfectly acceptable and the way I usually go with my IPAs.

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a lot of people are saying leave in the primary longer. i'm dont disagree with that but how to breweries produce quality beer in such a short time. they are not leaving the beer on the yeast for 3-4 weeks unless its such a high OG batch. what procedures are they using that helps them get good beer in a short time.

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