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Sherpa FE
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Oct 2007
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I was wondering if this happens to other people.

My Boss, loves my beer, so I regularly make beer for people in my Unit, and for Unit parties.
Well when we do go out to other places, and my boss itroduces me to people., I always hear the same thing.

" OH, you are the guy that makes his own beer, I / We have been invited over to your house to try it, but just havent had the time, sorry about that, we can we come over?"

I mean seriously, it is a nice compliment, but do you have to invite everyone?

I guess I am going to have a cover charge to get into my shop where the keggerator is.
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Never, just about all of my friends are homebrewers, so they push their own brews.
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Originally Posted by david_42 View Post
Never, just about all of my friends are homebrewers, so they push their own brews.
+1. I'm not home a lot with work and I actually have a hard time getting rid of beer sometimes because most of my friends brew their own. It's a problem I never expected to have. But it saves me time as I don't have to brew as often which isn't necessarily a good thing either.

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Jan 2008
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SWMBO's old friend is a huge fan of some of my beers. The IPA that I did a while back was his favorite. He would drop by with random people to try some and I went through the batch much too quick. Although, through him I did get some tap house owners to try a few ales that were pretty well received.
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I don't make friends with people who drink good beer.

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All of my friends thing Miller lite is the best!! :-(
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Nothing wrong with asking for small donation to help recover the cost of brewing. It DOES cost some money you know.

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fat x nub
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Jun 2008
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i wish i had that problem...i have 5 cases that need time!!!!!
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Is this guy serious??:
Originally Posted by papabeach1 View Post
so barley is a leaves of hops? or barley is a different plant? and blend with hops? I need that to be cleared thanks..

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Most of my friends like it...but this one guy is an ass on purpose...but he does give some good advice, and gives me yager!
I'm back!!!

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Most of my friends rave about it, and they enjoy drinking large quantities of it. I consider it a compliment. Good thing I brew a lot.
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