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Jul 2008
Austin, Tx
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Just finished building my 3 pot brewing stand out of 11 gauge angle iron. Now I need to plumb up the burners. Since I am starting from scratch, what would be a better choice, Natural gas or propane? Does one burn hotter than the other? I also found a source for Multi Jet Burners (NG or Propane). Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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Apr 2007
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Propane burns hotter than natural gas. It's also a portable fuel source, whereas natural gas isn't. Natural gas is quite a bit cheaper than propane and doesn't run out as long as your gas company can still supply gas to your house. They both work fine for brewing. I use natural gas. Which is better? It depends on what your needs are. If you rig is going to sit in one place all the time, you aren't going to take it on the road, then I think the cost and supply factors weigh heavily on the side of natural gas, regardless of the heat difference.

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Jul 2006
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If you have access to natural gas, use it. If not, use propane. It's that easy.
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Jan 2008
Salem, OR
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+1 for never running out and being cheaper. If you brew a lot, the convenience of an "endless" supply will be appreciated.

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Oct 2005
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+1 I would never consider propane if I had access to NG.
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Displaced MassHole
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May 2008
San Diego
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I dont have acces to NG in the garage so I use propane. If I did I'd probably want my rig to be convertable, NG at home and propane to take the rig on the road.

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Sep 2007
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Go NG if you have the ability. You won't regret it.
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Aug 2006
Manor, Tx
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I've got a NG port in the garage I'm thinking about taking advantage of. I've got a cheap turkey fryer now but I'm more than willing to switch to something else. Can you guys post some links for NG burners that'll help both the OP and me.


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Jan 2008
Salem, OR
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I got this one:

Works great under my 55 gal kettle.

This be might be a better choice for a converted keg:

Smaller ones I have seen seem to cost more for some reason. A gas ball valve does fine for flame control.

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Jun 2008
Ventura, CA
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My friend who has the house that I brew at has it best.

His grandfather's ranch that he lives on runs on propane since NG isn't available. That's right, his stovetop is propane.

We're hooking the turkey fryer regulator into a spare gas lead. We figure the 5000 gallon tank or whatever it is can miss a few extra pounds of propane a couple times a month.
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