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Sevin does a great job with many pests, but can aggravate Spider Mites by killing their natural enemies, while being a very poor miticide. Keep your eyes open for those buggers!

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I ended up spraying my hops but the Dipel Dust seems like it could be a winner. I'll try to find time to stop by a store and pick some up, then report back.

I think this thread got Politically Correctisized unfortunately.
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All Is quite on the Western Front. I came home last night and the hops are looking good. There were a few beetles on their backs giving a final leg twitch. Thank you for all the information on how to manage these disgusting creatures.

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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
Sevin does a great job with many pests, but can aggravate Spider Mites by killing their natural enemies, while being a very poor miticide. Keep your eyes open for those buggers!
Check out my post on spider mites. After doing some checking (after the fact, unfortunately), I'm sure that my use of sevin dust has caused a spider mite problem on my plants. As stated, sevin doesn't do much for spider mites while killing their natural enemies. Actually, not only does it not kill spider mites, it may actually make them more fertile! Add to this the fact that spider mites like hot, dry, and dusty conditions, and you could be looking at creating a whole new problem while fixing another.
Good luck!


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I applied a moderate amount of neem (non-toxic) at the first sign of japanese beetle damage, and that seems to have limited their interest. I've seen people write that neem can flavor/ruin the hops, but I seriously doubt this is the case unless you use a ton of it... and anyway it's either that or let the beetles defoliate the plants.

You can also handpick into a bucket of soapy water - they are slow and easy to catch, so this is very effective if you do it regularly.
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For next year, treat the area with grub killer.
Japanese beetles spend most of their lives underground.

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Originally Posted by mmb View Post
Exactly. Baiting always seems like a poor idea to me when you are trying to kill off the bugs in the first place. I understand that the bait and kill works, but there is always a percentage that don't take the bait and stay on your plants. Bring more in with the attractant just ups the percentage of bugs that may or may not be killed by the bait.

It's loose / loose in my mind.
I would personally go the liquid sevin route but he was looking for a way to kill them without putting anything on the hops.

The "Bait Bags" work quite well, surprisingly. My 'rents had these beetles eating their trees up. Sprayed the trees with liquid sevin and they died. They also put up these bags that kept them from coming back to the trees. Less then a week later the bag was full of beetles and the trees were clear.
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Originally Posted by egolla View Post
For next year, treat the area with grub killer.
Japanese beetles spend most of their lives underground.
I did put grub killer down this year because last year they came after my lawn. We have a 20 acre grass field behind our house that belongs to a church. I am sure that’s where they came from. I tried the bag idea about 5 years ago. Not sure if it helped. I keep hearing that you should stay away from the bag.

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Jan 2008
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Not sure I'd use pyrethrin on consumables, excerpt from the wiki entry:
"Pyrethrins are harmful to fish, birds, and mammals, including humans. In humans, pyrethrin irritates the eyes, skin, and respiratory systems, and it may cause other harmful effects. One study suggested a link between maternal pyrethrin use and autism in children.[4] The study indicated that mothers of autistic children were twice as likely to have washed a pet dog with a flea shampoo containing pyrethrin while they were pregnant."

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I always try to avoid any non-organic non-natural pesticides. That's why I used Dipel Dust, Neem, oil soap sprays, and the like.

For red spider mites, the best thing to combat them is predator mites. The predator mites are carnivores and won't eat your plants. They eat red spider mites. There's a couple of different common types of red spider mites, and you need a different predator mite for each, so be sure to examine your mites and identify what kind you have before you order your predators.

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