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Old 03-21-2006, 06:17 AM   #1
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Feb 2004
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Would a recipe DB be a nice addition to this website? Users could submit recipes then list them by category. We could have a little number under your user name of how many you have submitted. Then they can all be listed under your profile.

I know there are lots of other recipe DBs. Is there a need for another one or not?

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Old 03-21-2006, 06:30 AM   #2
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Aug 2005
Torrance, CA
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I say go for it. People are always asking for recipes, myself included. Even though it is possible to search other sites, why not just keep 'em here on this site. One stop brew info.
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Old 03-21-2006, 03:03 PM   #3
Feb 2006
Hillsdale, New Jersey
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The database is a great idea, and will make the site that much more inclusive and better

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Old 03-21-2006, 03:21 PM   #4
Kevin K
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Mar 2006
Manitoba, Canada
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I assume it would be searchable?

If so, it sounds like a great idea!

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Old 03-21-2006, 04:12 PM   #5
ian's Avatar
Jul 2005
Pendleton, SC USA
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Did anyone see the one (recipe DB) that Shmoel (sp?) posted a couple days ago? I didn't get too far with it but the features sounded good. He had an upload for a text file from one of the common Brewing Software programs (Promash I believe). I think that would be a good idea to look into if this goes live on this site.

Otherwise I agree with Maetro, one stop is always good. I also think that it would be good to go forward with a "terms glossary" for newer brewers that someone brought up a couple of days a go as well.

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Old 03-21-2006, 04:18 PM   #6
Baron von BeeGee
Beer Bully
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Jul 2005
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I'd really like to see one here associated with user names. A few people have recipes that people are always looking for, and it would be really convenient to find them easily (Hop Rod Rye anybody?). It's always fun to share, as well.

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Old 03-21-2006, 04:32 PM   #7
RichBrewer's Avatar
Feb 2006
Denver, Colorado
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I would love it if you had a recipe DB here. It would enrich an already fantastic site.

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Old 03-21-2006, 05:32 PM   #8
Chairman Cheyco
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Dec 2005
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Shmole, or whatever, has a pretty good one going, maybe he would like to affiliate with us. It would be nice to see the the two sites integrated. That being said, I'm sure a really slick DB could be developed for us too, it seems silly to do the work twice though.
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Old 03-21-2006, 06:23 PM   #9
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Oct 2005
Sunny Southern Vermont
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A recipe database would be a terrific asset to this site. Sometimes I spend so much time trying to come up with a profile (recipe) for a style or specific beer that I want to brew, I get bogged down in the details. It would be nice to have some proven recipes that I could tap into for a change. I haven't seen the Schmole DB so I can't give any input on that.

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Old 03-21-2006, 06:24 PM   #10
Ivan Lendl
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Feb 2006
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yeah im surprised there isnt one a one stop shopper if you will and dont bother going on any other sites, so a recipe index would be sweet!

definitley have a review/thoughts section where by whomever brews the recipe can comment on stuff...

and maybe a brew track number to keep track of the most brewed recipe.
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