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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99 View Post
I used to work with a guy named Richard Kurtz...who's Dick Hurts?
He never made Colonel, did he?
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Originally Posted by malkore View Post
You know, I've met 3 un-related people in different parts of the country who all know someone who knows someone that named their kids that.

I'm calling bull****!
These names were talked about in the book from a couple years back "Freakonomics" in the chapter on names. Since it came out, it seems like everybody knows them... The chapter also mentioned two kids named Winner and Loser. Loser became a high ranking police officer and his brother, Winner, became a criminal with a history of like 30 charges.

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Originally Posted by Arneba28 View Post
You think thats bad, thats Nothing! My father has a client who named her kids Lemonjello(le-mon-ja-lo) and Orangjello(o-ron-ja-lo)

And yes the spelling is correct
I've heard stories of these two. A friend's mother was their teacher in 2nd grade or something. I thought it was BS, but seeing as how we're both from the Buffalo area...

Wow...just wow.

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I knew of a person back in elementary school whose name was Her Magesty Moonlight MacMillan. I have no idea what they went by.

There was/is a doctor in my hometown named Dr. Goodnight, but sadly he isn't an anesthesiologist so the joke ends there.
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I know a guy named Rocky. His last name is Rhodes.

No foolin.

The guy who runs Filaree Farms, his wife's name is Watershine. Has nothing to do with the 60's I'm sure
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We had a local football player here in the Cincy area (OSU recruit) named Mister Simpson. That's right, his first name is Mister. He has a brother named Sir, and a sister named Misses.
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Originally Posted by bigjohnmilford View Post
Michael Hunt?
There used to be a guy around these here parts with a pornographic public access show that called himself Mike Hunt. 2am, 1-2 a week, hardcore business going down. His show has since been banned but he avoided it for a long time.
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I just found out that in our tiny little community, there are TWO Dr. Paynes! Unrelated. One of whom is my new PCP.

The other one is....

Wait for it...

Well, he's a proctologist. Would YOU let Dr. Payne examine your colon?
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My wife has a friend who named his son Wolverine Logan. For the longest time she thought it was just a nickname for the rambunctious kid. He better hope he can fight with a name like that.

Terje (my parents went "unique" as well)
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