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If I need something fast for an event or something like that I have a carbstone attached to a lid.
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Originally Posted by BrewerDon
In the original post of this thread, a carbonation chart is referred to. If I use this chart and carbonate using method #1, set and forget, do I need to make any adjustments for head space? Asked differently, should I do anything different with a 5 gallon keg that is half full of uncarbed beer vs. a 5 gallon keg that is 100% full of uncarbed beer?
No. Full disclosure, I don't keg. But, if you keep the CO2 hooked up, you will be fine.

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Thanks Red!

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I was watching this youtube video, and apparently there is a third option - if your beer is cold in the keg and you attach the CO2 and just slosh it a little big (not shake it hard) you can actually hear the CO2 going *into* the beer. That seems much less error prone than the burst method if you have only a simple CO2 delivery setup... (15 minutes isn't that long...)

Thanks - I just put some sweet potato beer into the primary... I get to try this first time in a few weeks!


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So I just racked my first batch to a corny keg today. Just looking for some confirmation on whether I'm doing this right.

Beer (Mexican Cerveza) in primary for 3 1/2 weeks at 65F ambient
OG 11.4 Brix
FG 4.8 Brix
Refractometer Corrected ABV% 5.02

I cleaned and sanitized the keg thoroughly.
Then I racked the beer into the keg.
Sealed the keg
Pressurized keg to 9 psi
Removed gas line
Placed keg in keezer at 37F and raised the temp controller to 45F.

So I guess after reading this whole thread, I should go back to the house and connect a gas line to the keg. I normally keep my keezer serving pressure at around 11-12 psi at 37F.

I should just let the keg carbonate on its own time schedule at the 12 psi and check it in 10-14 days?

Is there anything bad about trying half a pint while it is carbonating?

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Originally Posted by CidahMastah View Post

So process is:
a. take room temp keg and put into your keezer
b. set psi to 55-60psi (be sure your beer side post is not connected - it should hold the pressure but let's not tempt a geyser, I am not sure how well you installed your beer line )
c. leave up to 24 hours
d. disconnect gas port and lower psi to serving pressure (i.e. 12psi) - vent the line as needed before hooking back up.
To answer your question:
e. burp your keg fully once and hook up your gas line.
f. let it sit for an hour or two to stabilize a bit then try a pour.
1. How do I vent the line?
2. What if I connected the beer line while I was at high pressure. Can I just disconnect it without risking a blow off or big mess?

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Typical impatient college kid here. I set my keg outside, get it to about 36 degrees, put it on 30 PSI for a few hours, then roll it around on the ground on a towel with the air valve on the top part until it becomes so agitated that the liquid doesn't move anymore. Drop it to 20psi, put it in my fridge, it will be at temp by the next morning. the next evening I purge it, drop it to ~11psi, serve, and it is basically perfect. If it is something I want heavily carb'd I will give it 36 hours at 20psi instead of ~24.

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The very first message refers to a chart (linked) and a drawing (embedded?). have no trouble seeing the chart by following the link, but I'm not at all able to see the drawing. Can others see it? Has it been removed?

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It's weird that a lot of people are having trouble seeing my images. I just moved the file to another host, let me know if you can see it in the first post.
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
It's weird that a lot of people are having trouble seeing my images. I just moved the file to another host, let me know if you can see it in the first post.
Thank you very kindly for fixing this! I am now able to see it. What a helpful drawing!

Based on the asymptotic nature of the curves, I would suspect that, if the initial pressure was set a few pounds higher, say at 13 or 14 rather than 12, and then just left at that pressure, then after two weeks, it should just about be at the right pressure. You can then purge the 1-2 pounds off and it should be about right, saving a week of additional waiting.

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