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Jan 2008
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Well, this section is for drucken ramblings, and I'm pretty druck right I'll tell y'all about my perfect pint in the hope that you will tell your own tale!

August 1993. It was a Flowers IPA. surprising really, because at it's best Flowers could only normally be described as a good pint. Even more surprising was that I had this pint at The Lord Nelson, Hythe, England. Not the best of pubs, and it certainly had no particular reputation for keeping it's ale in prime condition. They always kept their pipes clean, but the staff rotation there often meant that the beer was not always quite as it should be.
Anyways, this particular day my dad was on a rare visit. This was at a stage in our lives before we truly appreciated eachother for some reason. We got a round in, (both flowers IPA) and for whatever reason, we decided to just step out of the door and do a spot of people watching.

I can never forget the feeling of total happiness of the moment as I took a gulp of what tasted like pure nectar. I now realise that this feeling was largely due to my company at the time, however, it would have never been the same without the luck to have been drawn a truly wonderful pint in it's prime. Say what you like about cask conditioning, sometimes you might get a sub-standard pint that is still good, but when everything comes together, and the stars are properly aligned you get to taste perfection.

Anyone else remember their perfect pint? Please tell!

Reference point. We were stood at the open door in this pic.

View of the street: The pub is on the left.

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Sep 2007
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My best pint:

Recently I visited London, and on our first day there, a friend of mine and I made our way to a small pub near Leicester Square called Angel & Crown. I picked the pub because it advertised as selling genuine cask conditioned ales.

We went in, and immediately ordered two pints of Theakston's Best Bitter-- it caught my eye and I love a good bitter. We sat down near a window and reflected on the day. As I started drinking the pint, I quickly realized just how amazingly amazing this beer-- this pint-- was.

I quaffed it quickly, but enjoyed every last drop. My friend wasn't feeling well, so he offered me his pint. I grabbed it quickly, thanked him, and enjoyed it as much as the first pint (and a bit more slowly).

It was fun relaxing and watching all the activity in the streets from the relative comfort and quiet of the pub while drinking excellent beer.

Several months later, a good friend of mine went to London on business, and asked about good pubs to visit. I recommended both the Angel & Crown and Theakston's Best Bitter. He called me from the pub while he was drinking his pint, and agreed that it was a terrific beer. We chatted a bit and thought it was pretty cool that we able to share a similar experience in London, albeit many months apart.

This is the actual "best pint".

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Sep 2007
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Nobody else wants to share the story of their perfect pint?

C'mon people! I really enjoyed OhioBrit's story. Please don't make me think I'm a thread killer...
On Deck: Jamil's Vanilla Robust Porter
Fermenting: Orange Blossom Mead
Kegs: Element 56 Pale Ale, Ron's Belgian Blonde, Summer'n Saison, Furloughktoberfest '09, Grateful Pale Ale, Sam Adams Cream Stout Clone, EdWort's Apfelwein
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Jul 2006
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Great stories, both.

I've been thinking for quite a while and can't really narrow down to one.

Well, one of the most memorable that I have a relevant picture for occurred last Spring. I was living in Montana but was in my hometown of Cincinnati for a friend's wedding. The wedding was fine, but the next evening I met up with an old, good friend. He was my favorite drinking buddy throughout college, always good for a wide variety of conversational topics, from talking tech about cars to discussing Radiohead lyrics to weighing in on personal issues, we would go on for hours.

Anyway, we picked up a bunch of local/regional ales that were new to me (been living in MT, remember?), a couple good cigars, and spent the evening on my folk's back deck. We picked up just where we left of in our college days. It was a beautiful, calm clear evening under the stars. We talked and drank and smoked and before we knew it it was 3AM or so. We'd gotten through all that wonderful beer, exhausted nearly every topic, and called it a good night.

I set up the tripod and composed this picture afterwards:

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Primary 2: Apricot Wit
Primary 3: Christmas Warmer MkII
Primary 4: Apfelwein
Bottle conditioning: Vanilla Caramel Creme Ale
Bottle conditioning: Brain Spawn Saison
Bottle conditioning: Hot Shot Rye Red
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On Tap 2: Apfelwein

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May 2007
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As a grad student I'm a bit of an oddity in my town- generally it's a lot of older folks with a lot more money than I have. This makes it a bit suprising that my most recent perfect pint was a Guiness at a bar downtown here in Madison. My wife and I walked down one night, just to get out of the house.

I ordered a Guinness, which I regard as a safe but not exciting pint. Now, it might be that I was having a nice time with my favorite person, but the bartender knew what they were doing (multi-stage pour, drew a cloverleaf in the head, etc.), and this Guinness tasted better than any I'd had before. The bar itself really is a pub, catering to regulars from the neighborhood, and the warm ambiance, great conversation, and a really tasty beer make that the most recent perfect pint I can recall.
Revolving Door Brewery

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Nov 2006
New Market, MD
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My perfect pint isn't as exotic, but to date the best in memory.

My wife and I had just moved to Maryland after Hurricane Katrina, and she had purchased a homebrewing Ail Pale kit for my birthday. I, at the same time, had discovered a local brewpub/restaurant in a nearby suburb. I worked four "tens", while she was starting her new job, which gave me Fridays alone.

I drove to this brewpub (Growler's of Gaithersburg, for those playing along at home) after my very first extract brew solo. I walked in, sat at the bar, and ordered from the chalkboard. I got their Nut Brown Ale.

Fall had just "fallen", the temperature was in the mid fifties, I was wearing my leather jacket for the first time that year, and I sipped a seriously soul-enriching pint of nut brown ale. It was grainy without being sweet, bitter without being hoppy... basically the most balanced beer I've ever tasted.

I had two more. Then bought a growler of it. Then bought a growler of their pumpkin ale.

I have yet to have as good a beer at that same brewpub. I don't know if it's because of my mindset that particular day, if my tastes have grown more discerning, or if their beer is flagging in quality... but I'll never forget it.
"An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold on to a blade of grass, and keep from slipping off the face of the Earth."

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fat x nub
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Jun 2008
Atlanta, GA
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My favorite pint was...ready for this? a Hieniken . It wasnt the was the moment. Just sharing a pint of Heiniken on a cool summer evening in north georgia on the porch with my dad was a great feeling
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Thinking About: Tripple Bock, Chocolate Stout, open to suggestions

"Every beer is a good beer if I can taste the brewer's intent"
-Jim Koch

Is this guy serious??:
Originally Posted by papabeach1 View Post
so barley is a leaves of hops? or barley is a different plant? and blend with hops? I need that to be cleared thanks..

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Dec 2005
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I'd have to say the best pint that I've had so far was the first date with El SWMBO. I met her at the Horse Brass for some dinner and to talk and stuff. When I walked in, the place was packed, and she was sitting right about ..... there.

We found a place to sit, order some food, and get some drinks. I had a cask conditioned Younger’s Special Bitter. It was cool, flat, and omfg so delicious. I had a Scotch Egg, first time ever. There was a crotchety old Scot sitting at the bar loudly but jovially arguing with one of his compatriots right next to us at the bar.

We talked for four hours.

We would have kept up on it even longer, but I had to be getting off to work. I took her home, then off to work I went. It was a beautiful night.
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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Sep 2007
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I think my best pint was probably about 3-4 months ago (and it wasn't even a full pint!). I had been living with HWMO for about 8 months in our first apartment together, and my parents came up for the day to visit. We took them to the Clipper City Brewery (Baltimore) for a tour and tasting. The tour was awesome (given by the owner, Hugh Sisson) and you got to take a sample of beer on the tour with you. After the tour, we gathered in the tasting room, and over the course of the next half hour, my stepdad proceeded to get a bit tipsy (ok, he was probably closer to smashed than tipsy, but whatever). And as I sipped on a half pint of Loose Cannon (an excellent IPA), I had one of those "my parents are people just like me, and I am becoming friends with them, isn't that cool?!" moments. It was good. And it happened here.

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Old 09-24-2008, 01:11 AM   #10
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Sep 2008
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My perfect pint was sipped on the deck of my family's house in Portland last fall. The Ribs had been in the smoker for hours, the homebrewed Cream Stout had been chilling in the fridge for a week. I brought my mini-mash rig with me on the contract job... a guy's gotta have something to do

My father rarely compliments anyone or anything.
this beer tasted fabulous.
and he told me so.

great day.
great beer.

Sipping one right now here in California -- hoping and waiting to be able to move back home for good, and try to recapture that moment over and over again.
Subtle is too confusing. Subtle only has it's place for aroma, flavor, and insult. Anyplace else, you lose. -GilaMinumBeer

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