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Mar 2005
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Don`t ask me how, but I accidently put twice as much dextrose as was called for when putting down a beer kit.Is it ruined or what can I do to save my bneer? Should I double the yeast as well and end up with a very strong beer? I`m new at this and would appreciate any insight.Thank you.

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Jan 2005
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Doubling your yeast will not give you a stronger brew. You should be fine by pitching your normal amount of yeast, make sure it is done fermenting before you go bottling any of that stuff.

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Jan 2005
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Don't pitch it....let it brew. I dont think its going to taste teh same as its suppose to but its def. not ruined. The normal amount of yeast will be fine as long as it gets fermenting. Fermentation will take longer, and youre right that it will be alot stronger.

loop, i think he was saying stronger, from the more dextrose, not the yeast. He was thinking more yeast to eat the more sugar.....

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Dec 2004
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The yeast you add to the beer is only a small fraction of what ends up in there. The yeast breeds to saturation levels before fermenting. Therefore, adding more is not necessary.

In the future, I wouldn't add ANY dextrose to your beer if you want it to taste like beer. Beer, for the most part, has malt in it for fermentable sugars.
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Only one comment about your question...if you REALLY WANT a more firm answer to your question you REALLY need to tell us more about the recipe, like HOW MUCH sugar did you add and to WHAT type of recipe.

This info would allow us to better answer your question and come up with alternatives to help you improve your present batch.

In my mind, us saying "your beer is going to be OK, a bit more alcoholc in flavor, but light in body" may not be the type of answer you may be satisfied getting.

With that said, my comments are in the above paragraph.

For example, You could also boil up another 1/2 gal of water and add 4 oz of malto-detrine to the batch. The MD is not fermentable, but it will add more body (mouth feel or thickness) to the batch. You may also want to compensate any sweetness by adding more hops.

These are all possible answers that could be replied on if we knew more about the ingredients and quantities used for the batch in question.

Just remember, our goal here is to help you. So don't think I'm scolding/mad/yelling (at) you.

In all, I believe your batch will be alright. Later.

HB Bill

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