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Though the message could have been more tactfully delivered, I find I agree with sirsloop.

shildebr - if you like the style and would look forward to drinking it all yourself, go ahead. If you're not, if you're going through all this just to prove a point or win a bet, don't bother. While you might very well convert another beer aficionado, it's just as likely that he couldn't care less. And then you're out-of-pocket for a batch you'll end up giving away at a party because you couldn't care less about it.

I think a more successful mehod would be to invite him over to help you brew the beer, and every time you care for the beer (rack, bottle, etc.). He'll gain a new appreciation for the process, certainly.

Bottom line, I wouldn't bother. I don't care for the style except in July and August right after I finish cutting the lawn. It'd take me three years to get through a five-gallon batch. That doesn't work for me. YMMV!


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Originally Posted by sirsloop View Post
...A "nice light recipe" is pretty much a nice way of saying piss water...
I find that to be narrow minded.

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Originally Posted by BobNQ3X View Post
if you like the style and would look forward to drinking it all yourself, go ahead. If you're not, if you're going through all this just to prove a point or win a bet, don't bother.
Couldn't it be that he just wants to do something nice for a friend?

Edit: Oh, nevermind. Just reread the original. You are correct sir.

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The deed is done, I took some of your "advice". I'm going to make Chimone's Bobmshell Blonde and step back the hops a little bit to around 15 IBU's.

Does that make everybody happy? I didn't clone a BMC. You'd think I was trying to clone anthrax. Geez.

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Originally Posted by shildebr View Post
The deed is done, I took some of your "advice". I'm going to make Chimone's Bobmshell Blonde and step back the hops a little bit to around 15 IBU's.

Does that make everybody happy? I didn't clone a BMC. You'd think I was trying to clone anthrax. Geez.
I've been out and about this weekend with the Sailboat race in town, or else I would have weighed in with some actual advice for you...

Don't let some of the EAC's on here get to you...There's actually quite a few brewers on here who have attempted brewing regular Budweiser for the sheer challenge of brewing such a difficult beer...in fact iirc there was even a challenge a couple months back, where a handful of people on here were going to attempt it....

One thought to consider if you do do it and don't want to do a full five gallon batch, scale whatever recipe you do down to a 2.5 gallon batch..that will make a case of beer for your buddy.....

There are actually a few good threads on here with tips to brewing the light lager style of beer...of course you have to wade through posts of trash talking in and out of the threads...but here's a couple.

I wish I could find the thread about the challenge...it was actually a civil discussion, that had a lot of good advice.

And as much as some people here may not want to stomach it...BYO magazine actually published a clone recipe and a lot of tips on attempting it....there is a thread about it here http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=49395

Orfy offered some good tips as well...http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthre...ight=budweiser

Also listen to this Basic brewing Podcast it has a lot of good info as well.

December 21, 2006 - Brewing American Pilsner
Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own magazine walks us through the hoops and hurdles home brewers have to go through to brew American Pilsner, the most maligned of all styles.

As much as I love heavy ales with lots of hops, I've been experimenting lately with brewing small batches of extremely light blondes and cream ales, lighter than any style I normally drink/brew...concentrating on things like low fermentation temps, long boils to blow off any dms, fermentation temp control.....I may even try to brew a gallon to two gallon batch of an american pilsner to lager...I figure if anything, if I can brew a crisp and clean tasting beer in that style, I will learn a lot and help me dial in my process for brewing the kinds of beers I normally like....

And if you brew a small batch it won't cost that much...my 2.5 gallon experimental batches have cost me under 10 bucks in grain...add another 4-5 bucks for hops and yeast...so it's not a lot of out of pocket change to pimp my brewing process...and if I don't like the beer, I'm sure I will find someone who would appreciate a free case of beer in a style they like...as long as they give me my bottles back.

After reading Maureen Ogle's book on the history of American Brewing, Ambitious Brew I've come to understand that AB in coming up with their version of the Bohemian Pilsner didn't do anything that American's consumers weren't asking for.

I've written up some of what I read here, http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showpost...1&postcount=12


I can't stand budweiser, and don't like their business practices (especially after reading Maureen's book) but no longer blame them for "ruining beer" by forcing budweiser on a population that didn't want it...sadly American tastes had changed and our grandparents and great grandparents actually wanted a lighter less bodied, and hoppy beer, than what was available at the time, even from the established German breweries which were brewing a heavier style at the time, and watching their sales dwindle...

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shildebr, I say brew what you want and to hell with all the naysayers!

I think we're all forgetting that every beer has its place. I mowed the lawn yesterday, and it was hot as hell outside. When I got done, that Coors Light tasted pretty damn good at that point.

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I agree, although I don't like BMC I will drink it on some occasions. What you have there would be a decent beer I think and even if you don't like the style im sure you could give it to friends pretty easily. Put up a sign in the office 'Free Beer.'

It's like Enchiladas if you order one in Georgia it is going to taste worlds different from the one you ordered in Mexico. So if you grew up with the GA flavor then you might not like the Mexican version. Same with beer, grew up with BMC you might not like those heavy stouts or those IPA'
I belive most of the people got hooked on BMC because it is cheap, they have grown accustomed to it and that is their beer. So chances are you wont change his mind by trying to make a clone.
If you want him to appruciate beer more, everytime you finish a batch give him a 12oz botle of it and challenge him to take a week to drink it and take notes on what he found wrong with it/or what he liked about it. Im sure over time he will start asking for more than his one bottle per brew. Give him different styles of beers, give him a malty beer or a hoppy beer etc and let his tastebuds learn what each are and how they affect the beer profile. After a while he will drink his Bud and start to feel like one or more of the beer attributes are missing.

So go for the clone, worst that can happen is he dosen't like it, you give the beer away, and present him with your challenge.
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Originally Posted by Duckfoot View Post
Two days into my last batch made and the scent of the farts of a thousand rhinos is permeating the basement...

Life is good...

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shildbre - I'm with you. I've been making some lighter beers lately. I have several friends (from work) that know I make beer but they haven't tried any of mine yet. I like simple lawnmower beers during the summer.

There is nothing wrong with BMC's. In my opinion they are just plain. They have their place as sessions beers. Lets face it a majority of the beer drinking public are ignorant to beer flavors and styles. They don't have the knowledge or palate to appreciate anything else.

I just made Jamil Zainasheff's Blonde Ale & BierMuncher's Cream of Three Crop.

One thing to remember is to let this age 2-3 months before your buddy passes judgment. Let him have one every month, see if he tell the difference.

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Thank you for the actual information and intelligent responses. What a relief!

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IMHO, the effort far exceeds the reward and you should resort to cheating. Go buy a keg of bud light and push it into a corny. Let him have that, and if he says it tastes like crap, you know he's full of it. If not, all is cool...

Oh, and let him out of the bet. Not cool to cheat to win a bet.

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