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I haven't used WLP0017 before and brewed A.B. and a Double Bastard and several other beers with WLP007. I like malty beers and find that 007 doesn't accentuate the malt like I like. I am considering 001for the next round of Bastards.

Also, I can't seem to get the hops right - no real Chinook flavor/aroma coming off the beer but the bitterness is there. I follow the hop schedule as posted but can't get it right.

I usually hop stand at flameout for at least an hour or longer. Letting the wort cool and the hops steep. Could that be the problem? Should I cool quicker - is this inhibiting the flavor/aroma?

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Old 12-06-2013, 08:29 PM   #202
Jan 2013
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i made the extract clone, and it turned out great. color and head was spot on, very similar in taste. i also used wlp007 and was surprised at the nuances the yeast gave to the mouthfeel and flavor. i think i would do this again, or double bastard, all-grain method.

ultravista: i did 4oz chinook at 75, 45, 20, and flameout.
i was very satisfied!
primary: celebration clone
in keg: nwpa; RIS

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Old 01-18-2014, 01:04 PM   #203
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My son and I brewed this back in Nov. We got a little carried away doing something while we ran the fly sparge and ended up collecting 9 gallons. We boiled off 2 gallons then started the hops schedule. Since we do 6 gallon batches I had added 1lb of 2 row to the recipe. We ended up with a 1.09 OG. I was a little shocked it went that high since I only had 1 packet of US05 to pitch. after 3 weeks in primary we were at 1.02FG. I gave it another week and bottled. I think after 3 weeks we tried one and were very pleased. I never would of thought it would be so smooth with no alcohol bite being that young. I think it is very close to a dbl AB. Definitely brewing this on a regular basis. Great recipe!

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Dec 2013
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Might anyone have a 5.5 gal Extract recipe of this that they could share?

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Originally Posted by carp3764 View Post
Might anyone have a 5.5 gal Extract recipe of this that they could share?
11lb 6.5 oz pale LME for the 2 row
Do not know what to do about converting the special B . I would suggest just mashing some special B in a pot on stove since it is a small amount . Just get it close . 148 to 155 degrees for an hour and pour through a filter bag or a grain bag and pour a little 170 degree water over the grains to get out all the goodies . Perhaps you can just steep the special B .
add in enough water to get about 6.5 to 7 gallons of wort and start your boil . I would use 6.5 because you can always add in a half gallon of water to top off but you can not boil off a half gallon without over boiling your hop additions .

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Old 02-08-2014, 01:05 PM   #206
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I'm planning on brewing the AG of this tomorrow. I may have made it once before in 2011 or so and I remember it turning out well. In fact, I think I found a couple bottles of it I had stashed away. They were....past their prime. Thanks for the recipe! Kyle

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Old 02-10-2014, 12:09 AM   #207
Apr 2008
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Heavens what a brew day. I hit my numbers and everything turned out fine, but there was a bit of equipment trouble- mainly my cooling water hose kinked terribly.

Turns out I had brewed this back in November 2011 and it turned out great then. Here's hoping for a repeat! Kyle

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Jan 2014
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I live in Europe and I can get a decent deal on a lot of American hops from 2 online shops if I buy them by the pound (500g) or half pound (250g). However they only sell Chinook in 3 oz (100g) packs making it much more expensive.
I would love to brew this beer but make it a little less expensive by using something else at 60 min and use up the hops I have before buying new ones.

The top candidates would be Nugget or Summit.

I also have a lot of Taurus, Northern Brewer, Target and Magnum but they are probably too clean for an arrogant bastard

Could any of these work or am I better off digging deep in my pockets to buy some extra Chinook for bittering?


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I brewed a kit version of this recently - color, mouthfeel, head, and grain/extract bill seemed right on, but hops were waaaay off. I did a side-by-side last night, and def recommend going with the Chinook recommended in OP.

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