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Jul 2008
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I am currently trying to make rhubarb wine. I have been skimming mold off it for two weeks. The "wine" doesn't taste anything like wine, just sweet juice. Is it normal to mold so heavily? and what can I do with it? Thanks for any info.

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I've never made wine, just beer, but I think you might be skimming off yeast, not mold...which might be why it tastes like sweet juice...because nothing's fermenting.
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Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
... I think you might be skimming off yeast, not mold...
I think Mr. Beer is correct. I would think that you are skimming both yeast and other floatie nasty stuff that floats to the top of wine.
What yeast are you using? in fact..what process are you using? What is your OG? Did you cook your must?
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I make tons of wine, and never had any mold. What did you do at the beginning for sanitation and preparation? I wonder if you didn't treat the must with something to kill wild yeast and mold spores before beginning.

Could you run through your process for us, step by step, and we can see where we can help?
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Hello ejking: Unless you're using a flor sherry yeast, there should not be "mold" on the surface of your must. Not knowing exactly which yeast you're using, it's hard to say whether you have a stuck fermentation or not as some wine yeasts display little indication that they're working. If you could describe the "mold" (color, texture, patterns, wet/dry etc...) it would help. Is it a dry, white, powdery looking substance? Also, rhubarb is rather acidic, and if your PH levels are too low it could stress, or even inhibit your fermentation. Did you treat with camden tabs, or pasturize? It's tough to attempt a diagnosis without more info. So, I need yeast type/designation; accurate description of the "mold"; type of must/fruit sanitation (if any); and your OG reading. With that we'll all be much more able to help. Regards, GF.

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