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Flyin' Lion
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I agree wholeheartedly with EvilTOJ and will add that my SWMBO likes beer and is more of a hophead than I.

Slim, you are also not the first to take the term SWMBO a little too seriously. Considering your recent interaction it is understandable, but due to the fact that yours is a beer drinker, I would just focus on the positive and pity your poor friend.

EDIT: Your title is misleading, you don't hate your SWMBO, you hate the term SWMBO--an important difference.
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EvilT and the Women, channelling Dr. Kornkob! Agree wholeheartedly. For 99.99999% of us (unfortunately, seems you may be the 0.00001%), "SWMBO" is tongue in cheek/ironic.
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You have SWMBO confused with SWFAM.. which is usually a mate's SWMBO...
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Still Love Fried Chicken
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if she must be obeyed, then she is in opposition to something you're doing
No, because if she must be obeyed then you won't be doing anything in opposition to her wishes.

What EvilTOJ said. SWMBO isn't meant literally, though I wouldn't want my spouse to "mind her own business." Our marriage has lasted over thirty years, happily so, and we have always taken an active interest in each other; otherwise it seems to me you have more a roommate than a relationship. Now, by active interest, I will point out she doesn't enjoy beer or brewing -- but she's willing to listen to me talk about it and to put up with a kitchen disaster from time to time.

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+1 Melana

My boyfriend really enjoys that I make beer, but even he comes down on the spending and time involvement that I put towards making beer. I think EvilTOJ's got it - jealousy of a hobby (and in my case, concern for finances) is what makes the person voice opposition occasionally.

Nine times out of ten I read about significant others giving their brewer the "go ahead" for upgrading equipment, etc. I think your buddy's just got a shrew for a wife...

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Originally Posted by jmulligan View Post
I think your buddy's just got a shrew for a wife...
I can't argee with this more. to the OP: Just be happy that she's not YOUR SWMBO and steer clear of beer conversation.

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When I first joined this board and learned what SWMBO stood for, I swore I would never use it b/c it's not the case in my relationship at all and I wanted everyone to know how cool my wife was, being my brewing partner and all. However, I soon realized the term is mostly just a joke, as has been mentioned here already. Now I use the term regularly; it's fun to read and even more fun to say!


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Dude, really? REALLY? That's the best rant you could muster? I've shat out better rants than that after a night of jagerbombs. *shakes head in disappointment* Out of all the MF'ers on this board, I'd say that I've seen maybe 2 who had a LITERAL "SWMBO", who truly objected to his/her hobby. I remember some dude, can't recall his name, whose wife left him in part because he brewed "too much". Of course, that was just another excuse she used, the main crux was something about a spat between him and her parents (never, EVER a good idea). As others have noted, 'SWMBO' is tongue-in-cheek, just like when people call their wife "the old ball and chain", rarely do they mean it seriously.

You sound like someone who's recently married or recently in your first "meaningful relationship" and take any veiled affront to what you perceive to be the "perfect relationship" as unfathomable. Yawn.

Here's what I think of that "rant". Be sure to turn your speakers up, foo!
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Personally, I think She Who Must Be Obeyed is a silly term. I never use it, and consider it condescending. . As for my partner and me. She absolutely adores beer. She believes that I brew better beer then our local brewery. Besides it also saves me money by brewing my own.

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Originally Posted by slim chillingsworth View Post
I just spent a few hours drinking at a buddy's house, and his lady couldn't stop putting beer down. I happen to be a pretty argumentative person, and kept pushing her to give me any valid reason for her hatred of beer.
Sounds like that's his problem. Just imagine the **** he gets daily when he wants to even drink. As you alluded to, she could be provoking you because she doesn't like beer and/or doesn't like you. Being argumentative, you need to realize when someone's trying to draw you into an argument...it takes two to argue. Next time, ask her if she doesn't have some shirts to go iron or something.

(DISCLAIMER: to any detractors, I don't buy into the iron-my-shirt-bitch thing; I just know it's easier to make someone meltdown when they're trying to piss you off than take their bait )

She even went so far as to criticize people who would pursue brewing as a hobby, minutes after my proclamation that such was my intention. She was obviously provoking me, and yet got offended at my adherence to my own beliefs.
Yeah, Jim Koch is such a dumbass for homebrewing. So is Vinnie Cilurzo, Sam Calagione, and all the other craft brew giants that spawned an industry. You shouldn't let yourself get so offended when you know that's her intention. If you do, she wins.

I jokingly refer to my lady as SWMOB, which is in my signature, as an opposition to the general attitudes your women seem to have toward your brewing, i.e. controlling, manipulative, and dissatisfied.
If anyone is in a relationship, male or female, that is controlling and manipulative, there's some serious issues. I have a friend who, as you say, has some potential in brewing but his succubus girlfriend controls everything for him. So, I'll have wait out the industry-common 75% divorce rate (for where we work) and give him a starter kit when he files for divorce.

Originally Posted by EvilTOJ View Post
Most of us use SWMBO in a tongue-in-cheek manner. It's a pet name and is one of our little in-jokes instead of saying "gf/wife/husband/monkey/DH/ball and chain" etc. So your implication that it means "she controls my life" is wrong.

Slim, RELAX, don't worry, have a homebrew. Next time don't let her piss you off so easily.

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