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After trying Blue Moon's Summer Ale (brewed with Kaffir[?] Lime leaves) last year, my fiance' has been on me to try adding lime to a batch.
I'm not much of a fan of lime in beer (brings back too many flashbacks to my bartending days in the 80's, and the "Corona-with-a-lime" yuppie mantra), and I am planning on brewing a Pale Ale and an Alt for my next batches, within the next week or so.
My question is, how can I accomodate my beautiful and lovely, with out having to make a whole batch ? I am thinking about adding lime juice or possibly dried lime leaves to the bottling bucket when I am about half-way through, but am open to any and all suggestions (other than getting a woman that doesn't like lime in her beer !).

P.S.- I was also thinking about dry hopping the Pale Ale. Will that do anything "negative" to the brew if I add lime to it ?

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You could try steeping Kaffir leaves in Vodka, or Lemongrass if you can't find the Kaffir. Then you can adjust to taste at bottling time. I wouldn't add regular Limes.
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Make a strong lime tea out of your kaffir leaves and lime peel,throw in the juice too, using at bottling of your pale ale, bottle the first 4 gallons, then add the tea to the bucket and bottle 1 gallon of limey beer. Or just put a slice of lime on her pint.
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Evan! made a lime beer at one point, using those leaves IIRC. I tried it, I thought it had a bit of a pithy-aftertaste (a little bit like licking the back of a lime peel), but that could have just been me.
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You could use a combination of keffir leaves and lime zest. You could try it as an infusion either with vodka or steeping it with water, and add it to the bottling bucket.

Or you could get a three gallon fermenter (Even a water bottle for 2 weeks would be ok) as a secondary and rack half the batch over and add the zest and leaves , or the infusion to that.
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+1 on bottle 4 gallons and secondry the last gallon with zest. I'd be very careful not to get any white pith in it though...
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Jun 2008
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I added lime to a wheat beer recently and it came out really great, I already went through it once, but essentially it consisted of making both a lime extract and a lime bitter and adding both to taste.

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