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Jan 2008
Syracuse, NY
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OK, so I brewed a Hennepin clone from the replicator on Monday night. And it's now been 36 hours post-pitch, and there is zero activity in the fermenter. Of the 50 or so batches i've made, I've never had to wait this long. Now I know it can take up to 72 hours to start fermentation, and supposedly the yeast is in the lag phase right now. But, when I popped the nutrient pack in the Wyeast package, Belgian Abbey Yeast, after 7 hours (when I pitched), the package had not swelled, even a little. That is what concerns me more actually, otherwise I think I would sit back and wait. Is my yeast bad? And, I know, make a start next time jacka$$. So anyway, looking for advice, do I:
1) Drink myself silly tonight so I don't worry about it. Wait the 72+ hours.
2) Go out to LHBS and pitch another culture tonight, and eat the 7$.
3) Make a culture from one of the bottle conditioned Hennepin bottles in my fridge, and pitch when that get's going (which would also give my fermenter more time).


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Oct 2007
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This is why I always tell people to keep a package of dry yeast around... that way you are only eating a couple bucks and don't have to drive to the LHBS
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I vote for #1. If you are using an opaque plastic fermenter, you might also sneak a peek. I had a batch a month or to ago that I thought had not started and I was getting nervous. I snapped open the lid (which I almost never do) to take a peek and found that the active ferment had already happened and I had missed it. The real active phase can be very short.

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Jan 2008
Syracuse, NY
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I have a glass fermenter with a blow-off tube. I'm positive I have not missed anything

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Apr 2008
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This has happened to me- once.
It drove my change in practice to ALWAYS making a starter. I even make a starter if I use a dry yeast pack.
At this point, my outlook on it is you can wait a while longer, but that has one big downside- the longer the wort waits to begin an active ferment, the greater the exposure to negative bacterial activity.
It sounds like the yeast pack you opened was weak, if not dead. It could take off in the next day.
When it happened to me, I tossed a dry yeast pack in and got it over with.

By comparison, when I started a fermentation yesterday, I pitched a liter of krausening yeast from a dry pack I had hydrated at 4 PM.
At 8 PM it had a 2" head on the batch. By bedtime it was blowing off the 6 gallon fermenter.
This morning it had overblown the blow-off a bit. I put some secondary containment under the blow-off. The clear 6 gallon fermenter is absolutely opaque in the krausen area.
I expect the primary to complete in 24-48 hours from 1.055

A couple weeks ago I had one finish from 1.095 in 48 hours.

I love my little yeast buddies!

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Before you all decide to re-pitch or diagnose a "problem" why don't you take a look at the title of this little thread here...

Then drink yourself silly for the next day or so....

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If you have done 50 batches, you should be giving ME advice, but my vote is for #1. If you are really worried, start #3, but you probably won't need it.

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Jun 2008
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i just popped a package of Belgian Abby Yeast 2 weeks ago. It was the smack pack...I smacked it, and after abotu 5 hours it didn't rise either...

I pitched it into the wart...

It didn't get working real fast until about 3 days...

Then my fermenter practically blew up...

Give it time..

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