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Apr 2008
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I think the last time was probably last winter. I drank I think 8 natural ices. That night I know 100% I went to bed in my bed. Some how though I woke up in the extra bed room across the hall bed the next day. No idea how I got there...

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Aug 2007
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Originally Posted by Redskins838892 View Post
...No one else here likes to rock out on the karoke machine??? ...
i'm not a karoke fan myself, but I will ... if I feel myself gettin' really trashed, drink a red bull and vodka. It wakes me up and keeps me from feeling too crappy the next day. Although I do have to watch how many I have. If I have more than two, I feel like I'm having a heart attack.

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May 2008
Victoria BC, Canada
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I haven't gotten totally trashed in a long time (probably about 10yrs). That night I had a 26 of JD, a "cupboard emptier" (a blender of whatever crap is in the food cupboards & 3 types of liquor), misc # of beers and vodka. I remember going to the bathroom at one point and locking myself in, then the I woke up sitting on the counter and "expelling" fluid into the sink. Next morning I woke up in the hall in front of the bathroom. Good times...

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Aug 2006
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My trick to staying afloat at parties (especially at your house) is when I'm feeling like I'm getting close....mix up a rum and lemonaid, then just keep topping up with lemonaid until I'm feeling ready to get back in the game.

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Sep 2007
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Friday. Way too much rum and tequilla were involved with some Stone IPA thrown in to change up pace. I also remember having some shots of something clear put in front of me which did not agree with my stomach.

"...just keep topping up with lemonaid..."

I have the unfortunate habit of topping up with the liquor, this does not help matters

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May 2008
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I think for me it was a couple years ago at a Halloween party me and HWMO were hosting, and it was about a bottle of red wine plus a bunch of this vodka fruit punch I made. Nothing is worse than when you have to interrupt coitus to go hug the toilet.

I've never gotten that drunk from beer because it makes me feel bloated before I get trashed - I was feeling just fine after 2 liters of German beer last night at the Hofbrauhaus.

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Jan 2008
Aurora, CO
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This last weekend.. both friday and saturday.

Friday was some beer tasting event, that eventually got out of control once getting back to my house. Ended up having a water fight inside of my house..lol

Saturday was a blur of drinking games and homebrew.
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Dec 2007
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I made a harsh comment here yesterday, and stepped over the line by insulting someone. It has been removed by the mods, and rightly so. Thanks guys or protecting me from my drucked up self My apologoes to anyone whom I may have offended.

I reckon "I was too intoxificated to know what I was doing" should be a legal defence in a court of law..... Sort of like "Temporary Insanity". just self induced.
This Isn't Nam Smokey, There Are Rules.

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Jan 2007
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Last week. A sixer of Stella then a sixer of honey brown. A metallica dvd on a big screen oh yeah and a couple shots of Early Times.

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Dec 2005
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Hmmm... well, besides the infamous St. Patricks day party of '07, I'd have to say probably memorial day weekend at an SCA event. I drank a lot of homebrew. A lot.
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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