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Yankee Inebriation, or whatever the hell we called it, in January up at Glibbidy's place. DAMN! Helluva time; any chance you have to get ****ed up with those folks, take it! I rarely get ****faced, but sure enjoy myself when I do!

I think Hippie was a little druck that night, too...

Come join Yankee Ingenuity!

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February 2007, celebrating a new job at Murphy's Pub in Old Town Alexandria (VA). Drank like 3-4 hard ciders, then made the mistake of standing at the bar with my boyfriend and brother and doing a couple of shots of Maker's Mark with them, then continuing to drink hard cider. My sister had to help me down the stairs, out into the street and to the car.
Got sick in the car, and was handed a Walmart bag with a hole in it to be sick into. All the while there was an empty 5-gallon bucket in the back of the damn van...
Oh well, it was about time one of my older siblings had to clean up after ME.

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My friend's wedding. Approx 6 beers, plus unknown quanity of Apple Pucker and Jim Beam shots. Throwing up in the parking lot, all the way home, in the bathroom, again th enext morning (which was my daughters' birthday party at the park. I had to have SWMBO drive me there, cause I was still druck). I finally managed to get a hotdog down the next afternoon.

I remember the whole thing. Then one other time I got fairly druck, but not that bad. I passed out in my friend's bathroom in the middle of the night (luckily right after finishing) and fell on their kid's step stool. Another friend said he wondered what that loud crash was. I said, thanks for checking on me!!

And that about sums up my drunkeness.
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7-8 years ago, while brewing. I tend to fade early, but because we were doing a double batch, I was active enough to keep drinking. Michael had just discovered Belgians. I think that day might be why I don't like the style much.

Before that, about 30 years ago on champaign. Again, I was serving and kept going until I sat down.

In both cases, my memories of the events are clear. Too clear.
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Originally Posted by Soulive View Post
For me it was about a month ago at my bachelor party. We pub crawled, drinking beer, in NYC and I was fine until the last place. From there, I don't really remember the van ride home. The next day didn't feel so great...
That's my story too. About a month ago. Drinking Left Hand Brewery beers on the bus on the way to the strip club, drinking rum and coke at the strip club, not sure what I was drinking on the way home. Never threw up, but there are some very very blurry moments of that evening.

Before that, I don't even know. I don't really like getting that drunk.
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The last Saturday at NHC.
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Several years ago while ice fishing. Tequila was involved.
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Last year this weekend! The Fourth of July has always been a big deal for my family so SWMBO and I had a "Fourth of July Extravaganza". We rented a 5gal margarita machine and had cases upon cases of beer....not to mention all the liquor

Well, guess what? Only 3 people showed up (yeah we didn't have too many friends) out of the expected like 15.

Now, I have to say that I gave up throwing up in high school. I just never thought it was that cool so I just don't do it I did however, pass out like every hour until I was woken up with a drink being shoved at me......and my buddy spent the night in the bathroom...

I think the 'worst' moment was when my friends and I found the liquor cabinet and started criticing the differences in the 'good' vodka I had and the sh!t that I put in my airlocks...

We're having the 'Extravaganza' again this weekend.....more people are coming but I'll probubly still get trashed
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After a very successful client meeting back in the first week of May the company took us all out to a bar and I drank 8 black and tans. After the meeting was over I went to a party a friend was having at a bar and drank 6 extra dry gin martinis, I was in a pretty bad spot that night, but have not been really crocked recently.

The other night I had a red bull and vodka 15 jello shots half a bottle of wine and 4 gin and tonics, and wasn't really all that drunk at the end of the night.
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Originally Posted by quixotic View Post
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2 years ago at my sister's wedding in Door County....waaaayyyyy to many Fat squirrels....

Well I did get pretty messed up last Saturday night...I was drinking home brew, Spotted Cow and Goose Island Oatmeal Stout when I got the bright idea to have some whiskey and cokes. The neighbor and I finished almost half a bottle of Jack Daniel's single barrel whiskey but amazingly I wasn't all that bad.

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