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Feb 2008
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One of my friends had a single bottle of a brew I made about 4-5 months ago. He had it hidden in one corner of his house and forgot about it. So when he found it, he brought it back and we had a drink.

And for those who says that aged beer taste better, I have to say, you are absolutely right! It does taste much better than what I had thought it tasted. I guess the correct word would be "smoother"?

Anyways, it was an Australian Pale Ale, made from the Cooper's kit. So guys, remember to give your beers some time before drinking it.

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Mar 2008
Fort Wayne, IN
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The oldest my beer has made it so far is I think 8 or 9 weeks. It was an APA, I saved one bottle, and yes, it was superior to what I remembered it tasting like at 3 to 5 weeks in the bottle.

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May 2007
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There is any easy solution to the problem of drinking your beer too quickly - Brew More! It's much easier to let a batch sit and get some age when you have two or three that are ready to drink.

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Jan 2008
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My last batch was a Coopers Irish Stout and by the last bottle it was amazing. Had been conditioned at that point probably close to 3 months. Really was great....but then it was all gone

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Feb 2008
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I just popped my last 12oz bottle of Chocolate stout that I did. It was originally bottled in Late November and it tastes like a whole different beer. All the flavors matured and it took on a different taste. Wonderful fruityness and the aroma was of plums, raisins, chocolate and a little alcohol. Outstanding. I strongly doubt that I will have any beers last this long anymore but I am going to try and save a few now. I usually bottle my beer into One 1/2 gallon growler and the rest into bottles and I save the growler for aging. However, I have had gushers on all the growlers that I have aged so I dont know whats wrong but all the bottles have been aging wonderfully.
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May 2008
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Today I actually filled a 12 pack with an assortment of my beers and duct taped it shut and put it in the back of the beer fridge. I've been trying to age some of my beers but they still don't last as long as I want them too. Hopefully a well duct taped box will deter me.

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Maniacally Malty
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Apr 2007
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i have two cases of a dark strong ale that are over a year old buried under the steps at my friend's house. we're going to crack them open for halloween (1 year since i buried them.)

+1 on the brewing more. the only reason my RIS 08/08/08 and my dubbel have been able to sit is because i've been going nuts with brewing the last six months and always have something on tap
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Feb 2008
South Dakota
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I too have a Coopers Australian Pale Ale which I brewed as my 3rd batch. I bottled it on 2/29 so it's 4 months old now. This has always been pretty good stuff from the beginning but is even better now. Fortunately as with most of my beers, I've set aside a 12 pack to age, as otherwise, I'm down to 2 or 3 bottles. Ditto for the Coopers IPA -- another beer that turned out great.

+1 on brewing like crazy so once you're past the initial wait, you have a steady supply to enjoy while waiting for the next ones.
Setting aside beers to age like this takes extra bottles, but it's worth it. Right now I have 5 or 6 cases aging. But by brewing like crazy early on, my early beers are now at or near 4 months (without special aging effort) and only now am I starting to run low on 3 or 4 of the batches. The exception to this aging scheme is the American Light clones - we just go through that too quickly -- I've tried to set aside a 12 pack or two of that too, only to raid the stash when we ran out a time or two. I do have a batch of that bottled on June 2 set aside that may survive for a while though as the previous batch isn't gone yet and I have 2 more ready to be bottled.

I'm not sure yet what my goals are for this whole aging thing -- 8 months? 10 months? 1 year? Eventually, having a 12 pack of every batch set aside is going have a big impact on the number of bottles in normal circulation. So, maybe I'll take a six pack at 8 months and shoot for 10 months or a year with the other... I'll have to see how it goes...

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fat x nub
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Jun 2008
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that sounds delicious....i have saved the first beer i ever bottled so i think im going to open that the day before i die and see how delicious it is

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Feb 2008
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Everything I brew (Even Apfelwein) gets a 6 pack with oxygen caps ( I know...its just in case) and special label with details of the brew and is stashed in the basement with all the others. I intend to keep this up until I have a rotating supply of 1 year old beer, and the possibility of saving 3 for the next year. This way, if I brew at least once a month...I can eventually have 3 beers that are a year old, and 3 that are 2 years old, and all it costs me is a 6 pack per batch.
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