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Oct 2005
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I've had trouble with paper wasps and yellow jackets, so when a pair of barn swallows nested on top of the patio light, I left them alone. They came back this year and I'm holding up on a project until the chicks are on their own. Shouldn't be too long, as they started flying two days ago.
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Mar 2008
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When I was probably 9 or 10 I ran over a nest with the lawn mower. About fifty of those f^ckers flew out and went up my pants and all around my head. I got 3 in the temple and 5 on my inner thigh. Now whenever I see a bee/hornet/wasp flying around me I just keep calm and they go away.
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Jan 2008
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I was about 14-15 and with a couple of friends hiking through the woods. We went off the trail to find a shortcut back down to the beach. We found a stream and followed its banks down figuring that it would deposit into Puget Sound. Long story short - while following the stream it came to a swampy end and I stood on a fallen log to see which way to go. My foot went right through and into a wasp nest. The guys I was with were allergic and bailed with my foot stuck in this log. I managed to pull my foot out losing my shoe stuck in the woods, kind of lost with these bastards up my pant legs, in my shirt, stuck in my hair.

I run and run. After a while I get them all off my and am alone. After an hour more I find my way out and go home. My parents helped me count the stings - all said and done we gave up after counting 40 - yes 40 - on my head, face and neck alone. I was stuck in the nest for a little while...

I feel your pain brother - glad you got them back.
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Feb 2008
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I am not allergic but I absolutely hate bees. When I was doing roofing I fell off a roof once while swatting at bees. Luckily it wasnt high and I still got stung.
We used to find monster nests all the time. We had a nest behind a facia board once that was almost like 2 basketballs together, 10" x 10" x 24", luckily the facia board came off really quick so we saw it and bailed out of there and called exterminators, I wasnt going to deal with that. We had to leave the job for the rest of the day it was so bad. Thousands of bees everywhere. I sat in my truck, called my boss, and told him I would not work that job until it was taken care off. He told me to just do some ground work there, we couldnt even do anything on the ground that we had to do. That many god Damn bees!! My boss came later to check if the bees really where that bad, yeah he just stung 5 times, within a few minutes of walking around the house.
I am a big guy but I will run like a little girl if I hear one of those little $#*&$ ers around me. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.
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Dec 2007
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Originally Posted by FireBrewer View Post
Now THAT'S gotta hurt! Seems to be like tatoos...the less fat and more nerve endings, the more pain.

That'll do.

Looked back in there this morning and one hornet was flying around, looking for his house. Gonna keep an eye on it should he decided to rebuild...
make sure you kill the Queen! if she is there they'll keep rebuilding!
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May 2007
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Originally Posted by jds View Post
Once you've epi'ed yourself, you still need to get to the ER, and paramedics are better equipped than just having an ambulance sent.
You got it! (been a paramedic for 8 years; EMT for 8 years before that )

Originally Posted by NWernBrewer View Post
I feel your pain brother - glad you got them back.
You definitely felt more pain than I did! My finger's all swollen/itchy/sore today, can't image what you felt like after that!

Originally Posted by Arneba28 View Post
My boss came later to check if the bees really where that bad, yeah he just stung 5 times, within a few minutes of walking around the house.
If there ever was a time to say "I told you so"...(hope you did )

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Feb 2008
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Originally Posted by FireBrewer View Post

Meanwhile my mother-in-law and wife were inside wondering where I was...

That'll learn ya good... next time send the mother in law out for the paper...

Glad to hear your no worse for the wear. I used to be highly alergic to bees when I was a kid . Had to have a syringe and some meds in the fridge all summer long. Seem to have outgrown it
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