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Originally Posted by jfrizzell View Post
That's the problem. They don't tell you. The updates are downloaded and installed automatically and then a window will pop up and tell you that the computer will reboot in 5:00.
If you ever get that while your sitting at the pc.

Start -> Run
Type shutdown -a

That should stop the shutdown and then you can reboot when ever you're ready.

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Originally Posted by jfrizzell View Post
BTW, how do you like your iPhone? The managers in my department currently have Motorola Q's and while it's great, it's not perfect. You can't read HTML formatted emails so that's a bit of a pain and web browsing is pretty painful.

We're looking to switch to 3G iPhone's in December when our contract is up. One thing I need to look into though is whether you can tether the iPhone to a laptop (USB or Bluetooth) and use it as a modem. I currently do that with my Q when I've traveling and it's awesome. No wireless at the hotel, no problem, tether the Q. Sh!tty $6.99 wireless at the airport, no problem, tether the Q.
I farking LOVE my iPhone, more than I thought I would, actually. I don't know that it would be great for biz, though. The email client is not as robust as your Q's in terms of raw productivity, you can't open office docs, and you definitely can't type like on a blackberry. Internet is wicked, though.

I'm not sure about use as a modem-mine is just for personal stuff. My wife travels a bunch and is very satisfied with the blackberry curve for biz applications.

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I had to buy a XP system for testing. Even though I've turned off the automatic updates, it still tries to install them every time I shutdown! I just watch for the warning & hit the power switch. I expect this will trash the system after a while, but I can ghost it back to the initial load.
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Imagine a Bill Clinton voice as I say "I feel your pain", but not really. Come to the darkside and use linux, The only windbloat systems I have to deal with is at work.
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... Microsoft...
There's your problem.



Open source software is the wave of the future!! If you already use GIMP, imagine how easy your life would be if all software was free.

Plus most versions of linux (ubuntu, red hat, KDE..) are FULLY and EASILY customizable down to every last detail.

Viva la open source!
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I have auto-updates turned off and use the updater at windizupdate.com. It collects the security updates and strips out the crap like WGA. It works in Firefox.
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Dunno never happened to me going back to my Win 95 days to now. Always has asked me/waited for me by default. Guess im lucky

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I don't think Linux is so great. Everytime I install it there is always some piece of hardware that is not working. Last time it was wireless.

I don't mind paying for good software. I think it is supported better and upated faster.

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