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Default surfcasting fishing

Anyone do any surfcasting? Swmbo family recently got a house on cape cod and she is going to want to go to the beach all the time (i cant sit still for that long.) I am not much of a fisher but i was wondering if someone could point me towards what kind of rod and tackle i would use for fishing off beaches on cape cod? I wont be doing a ton of fishing so i don't want to spend a lot of money just something to keep me occupied while at the beach.

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Back when I lived in Va I would go all the time. We had a cottage down in Cape Hatteras where I'd spend every evening seeing what i could catch. Lots of dogfish sharks, flounder, rays, spot and croakers. There are many offshore outfitters around the beach areas who will point you in the right direction depending on what you are after. It's been so long I doubt I would be much help to you.....good luck

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We always go out in the morning when I go to NC, we throw a cast net to catch a bunch of minnows. WE use the minnows for the bait and go catch some delicious flounder.

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the key is to get a good reel that will let the line out so when you whip that big pole around it will get some good distance into the water. Also go to the store and buy a big piece of PVC pipe so you can jam it into the sand and don't have to hold the pole the whole time. Then sit back on your cooler and have a beer. Make sure no-one swims where you are fishing or they will get hurt.
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Rent various setups before you buy. The neatest approach I've seen was kiting. The line hangs down from the kite. Even if you don't catch anything, you've had a day kiting.
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First thing I'd do is assess how serious the people who are going to be doing a majority of the fishing are about really fishing. I would not go buy $500 worth of gear for the once in a blue moon types. I would also highly recommend not buying any really nice tackle for folks who don't want to take the time to clean everything well when they're done. Every time. Saltwater will ruin the highest end reels, just like the cheap stuff, just maybe not as fast.

For the sake of guest use and less hassle, I'd say go hit the Sporting Goods section of the nearest big box store. You should be able to find a decent enough 7-8 foot rod and reel combo for under $40 and use it for a while. After a season or two go buy another.

It really sucks when an expensive reel gets used while you're not there, and you find it in the back of the garage covered in corrosion and unsalvageable 3 months later. Don't ask how I know...
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I love surfcasting, and usually manage to go a few times a year. My usual spot is Leo Carillo State Beach, but I need to find a new place. I used to routinely catch halibut there, but now I only seem to reel in giant skates (guitar fish) and sharks, neither of which is much fun. In particular, I don't like trying to remove my hook from the mouth of a shark that is trying it's best to bite my fingers off.

My favorite rig is a cheap, collapsible 12 foot rod with a decent quality spinning reel...the whole thing cost about $75. The length of the pole allows you to cast WAY out past the breakers, and it folds down to about 2.5' long for easy carrying and storage. I usually just bring along a folding chair, a small cooler full of frozen squid, a jug of water and a bucket just in case I want to take part of my catch home. Oh yeah, the previously mentioned PVC pipe rod holder too. That, along with a cigar and a big hat for the sun makes for a great morning at the beach.

Reason: Updated with link for collapsible rod
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Check out this site. I participate there as NJTomatoguy.
You will learn a lot, and it's a good group.

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My 2cents check ebay! start with no less than an 8' rod but no longer than 10'. something stiff that can handle about 6oz of lead + an ounce of bait (clam, bunker, bluefish chunk)

hooks of a good 1/0 or better would serve well for your area.

that being said small hooks can hook big fish but big hooks can't hook small fish so come with hooks down to size 4 all the way up to 3/0 or better.

a shakespeare spinning reel in the 40 to 60 size are cheap (20-$25) and with some agressive rinsing in fresh tap water after every use will last a few seasons depending on amount of use. 15-17lb test line (yozuri hybred) is the best line I found (little on the expensive side but worth every cent. I use a power pro braid braid for most of my live bait rods in 40-50 lb and tie a shock tip of 12"-24" 25-50lb yozuri to braid.

all in all if you find the bargains you can set up 1 rod, hooks tackle and rigs for $50-75 bucks. sand spike to stake out rods can be built a home with Home depot pvc and a hacksaw.

get out and go, if you like it it will become a New addiction, esp. if you have regular access to the saltwater!

tight lines!
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I surf fish. I would buy a cheap combo about 8-10 feet and go from there. If you never fished before I would try bait fishing first since you will usually catch something that way but not always. Any bait shop can explain what bait and rig is best for what is biting. Fresh bait is important; sometimes better to buy live bait even if you are going to cut it up. A long cast is not always important as sometimes big fish are up close but that also depends on the water, but you should practice long casts too. Knowing where and when to fish is probably one of the most challenging aspects of surf fishing. Someone mentioned a good drag system and most work well new, but what is VERY important is to set it before you fish. I lost a big fish because I was not prepared and had the drag set hard. Never made that mistake again and went back the next day and caught a 32" and a 33" striper only this time I had the drag set so they could pull and run without breaking my line. At minimum make sure you can pull some line off the reel by pulling on the line but don't make it so loose the fish can pull all your line off the reel. Last summer I caught a 4’ wide stingray (not skate) and would never had gotten it in without the drag set correctly. Took me what seemed like forever to get that in. I don’t fish for them but they do come up into our waters and they love clam.

People get discouraged when they don't catch fish; hopefully you will and enjoy it.

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