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This is the worst thread ever. I'm morally opposed to drinking games.

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Sherpa FE
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Star Trek TNG
Anytiime "Engage, Make it So, Intrigueing", or a scientific term is said that makes no sense, must drink
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Originally Posted by rsava423 View Post
Pulp Fiction

Take a shot everytime Sam Jackson says "mutha f@#ka".
Take 2 shots if someone else says it.
you would be dead

Ive tried to keep up with BeerFest and chug whenever they do. I didnt make it
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The original Iron Chef: Drink every time you hear Fukisan.

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Joe C
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^^lol! That's great
Originally Posted by thataintchicken View Post
Apfelwin does not play well with others. In fact, Apfelwein runs with scissors and yells obscenities at it's classmates :)
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Originally Posted by Coastarine View Post
Put on the song "Roxanne" by The Police.

Drink beer each time they say Roxanne. If the word is drawn out, continue drinking. (I know, not a movie or show, but it's a quick way to kickstart a party)

Doesn't sound bad? Sing the chorus.

Split the room into 2 groups. Group 1 drinks on "Roxanne" and group 2 drinks on "You don't have to to put on the red light". Its pretty fun.

Also, in the Big Lebowski, I've had friends try to make a white russian every time the Dude has one. They've never made it all the way though.
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Originally Posted by Drunkensatyr View Post
The original Iron Chef: Drink every time you hear Fukisan.
That's great! "If my memory serves me correctly" would be another phrase to drink; they use it quite often.

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American Gladiators - 1 gulp every time Hulk Hogan says "Brother"

If you do it with shots, you won't make it through the end of the show.

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Professor Frink
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - the Mitchell episode. Everytime they say Mitchell, you drink.
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American Idol:

Drink once:
Every time Randy says, "Dawg."
Every time Paula consoles a contestant after a crappy performance.
Every time Simon says something negative.

Drink twice:
Every use of the word, "pitchy."
Every time Paula offers more consolation after Simon's verbal attack.
When Simon compares a performance to karaoke, cruise ships, cabaret, etc.

As often as necessary to keep your sanity while watching this abomination of a TV show.
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