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Feb 2008
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So I was doing my usual scanning of the web and came across drinking game rules for cops, man vs. wild, and a few other shows.

Lets get your favorite movie/show and the rules.
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Feb 2007
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Jerry Springer, gotta drink whenever a fight breaks out

(I stole that from Baseketball, but it's still a good one)

And, I posted this in Bedlam's movie thread but, with Dazed and Confused you have to take a drink every time Mitch touches his nose. You'll be hammered in about 15 minutes...
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Amendment to ANY show drinking game: first person to stand doesn't drink.

Scrubs: drink when a Frey song plays
Scrubs: drink any time Eliot's cleavage is shown

MASH: drink when you see a jeep, teddy bear or martini glass

OZ: drink when you see any man's bare ass or any sex is initiated

Wanna get really ****ed up? Play Shots over Deadwood: one shot every time any of the following words is uttered: c0cksucker, cVnt, bastard, fvck or sh1t. First person to fart after a body is fed to the pigs gives away a shot to a person of their choice. Also, last person to stand after someone dies has to do a shot. Finally: do a shot every time someone on the show does a shot.
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Nov 2007
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Take a shot of Scotch anytime Mel Gibson mentions freedom in Braveheart.

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Joe C
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May 2008
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One Drink
Cut scene
Character consumes alcohol
Played out stereotype
Peter gets hurt
Peter says "Sweet"

Two Drinks
Stewie tries to kill Lois
Stewie formulates a plan
Stewie does something feminine
Stewie has a weapon
Chris becomes nervous around a girl
Brian and Stewie fight
Peter does "the laugh"
Peter gives Chris bad advice
Peter embarrasses Meg
Visit to the Drunken Clam
A gag is repeated
Commercial break
Chicken fight!

Three Drinks
Stewie says "Victory is mine"
Peter says "Holy crap"
Brian has a martini
Meg is referred to as ugly in some way
Non-human character is shown (excluding Brian)
Quagmire makes a sexual reference ("giggity giggity" usually counts!)
Quahog News is shown
Every time Cleveland Jr. laughs
Stewie says "What the Duece!"
Character plays the piano
Character removes an article of clothing
Cleveland mentions Lois

Four Drinks
Lois's parents show up
Make fun of (c) Fox

Five Drinks
Drawn out scene (add a drink if crickets chirp)
The "Evil Monkey" makes an appearance
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Apr 2008
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Put on the song "Roxanne" by The Police.

Drink beer each time they say Roxanne. If the word is drawn out, continue drinking. (I know, not a movie or show, but it's a quick way to kickstart a party)

Doesn't sound bad? Sing the chorus.
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Jan 2008
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Pulp Fiction

Take a shot everytime Sam Jackson says "mutha f@#ka".
Take 2 shots if someone else says it.
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Nov 2007
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Full Metal Jacket was a college favorite. Drink on every second sir (sir yes sir!) while they are in boot camp, then just drink every time they say the f bomb. If you aren't a mess after boot camp there is something wrong with you.

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It's hard to find anymore unless you're watching TVLand late at night. But back in the day, our favorite was the classic "Hi, Bob" using the old early 1970's "Bob Newhart Show". Whenever someone says "Bob", each player had to take a shot. If someone said "Hi, Bob" you had to have a shot and beer chaser.

According to IMBD:
Over the course of the series, the phrase, "Hi, Bob" was said 256 times. Howard Borden (Bill Daily) said it a total of 118 times. Dr. Jerry Robinson (Peter Bonerz) logged 43. Carol Kester (Marcia Wallace): 36 times and Emily Hartley (Suzanne Pleshette): 17 times. Minor characters or guest stars said it 43 times, and Bob Hartley (Bob Newhart) even said it once himself.

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May 2008
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Dont know it the show still airs, but we used to play Bob Newhart. Anytime someone says "Bob" take a drink. Anytime someone says "Hi Bob" take 2 drinks. If anyone misses, you call miss and take their drink(s). Good luck seeing the whole show!
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