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Before going to bed last night, I thought "Let's have a quick look at the news first." Wish I hadn't, I lay awake for hours thinking about George.

He was the best comedian ever, pure and simple. I'm sorry that all the media eulogies are focusing on the "7 dirty words." That was a brilliant routine, but it doesn't define him by any means. There was so much more. He was so amazingly observant about humanity, forever pointing out uncomfortable truths about us, but managing to do it in a hilarious and ultimately uplifting way.

Kind of ironic that he died in a Catholic hospital. The hospital where I was born, actually.

Today the world is a lot less funny than it was yesterday. Goodbye George, and thanks.

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I moved this into Drunken Ramblings and Mindless Mumbling so we can keep it going. The last thing we want to do is sensor George today. I think he would find it quite appropriate.

Here's to George! Let's celebrate his life!

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Heard the news as I was driving to work this morning. What a shock. I knew he had serious heart problems, but still figured he'd be around for ahwile longer. In fact, my fiancee & I were thinking of getting tickets to see him when he came to town in October.

My father was the person who first got me interested in George. He happened to be on the Carson show one night and Dad made a point of getting me into the room to see him on TV. In the early 1970s, there was nobody funnier.

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The fridge routine is among my favorites. Godspeed GC

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Never been a big fan. He had some pretty clever stuff, but I never saw him as a "laugh Out Loud" kind of guy. A lot of his stuff I thought was a ripoff of Lenny Bruce. Not the material, but the style. But, he was a true American Icon.

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I don't think he got meaner as time went along as previously mentioned...I think he was really POd at the ignorant sheeple...

I remember back in 1980 he was being of the questions dealt with the rivalry between him and Richard Pryor...GC said yeah, some people believed there was a rivalty, but it really didn't exist...he said Richard had a heart attack then I had a heart attack...Richard set himself on fire, GC said fvckk that I'm having another heart attack...!! Great!
HB Bill

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I'm old enough to remember him on Carson. I have is first album (yes...vinyl album).

An icon to be sure.

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Old 06-23-2008, 04:00 PM   #28
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He actually did peak about 10 or so years ago IMHO and it's just been way too cynical since then. I love what he was about though, pushing some serious boundaries and mocking just about everything that deserves it. I've seen the shows about a dozen times and felt like he was rushing a lot of his newer material and it felt way too scripted. I won't call him the best comic, but he's certainly had one of the best comedy career going. We're a man down in the good guy population for sure.
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A toast to George is in order tonight, his genius will be missed.

I feel like my dad died.

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Do you think they gave him the blankets from a plane and used the beer fart seat cushion as the pillow?

Maybe his ambulance had a near miss on the way to the hospital!
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