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Jan 2008
East coast, Virginia
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I was wondering when these were going to show up, and today I found them chewing. Crushed all I could find before going off to work, and came home to find another handful here and there to crush.
I know these things are going to mass produce in the next 2 weeks to the point of uncontrollable chaos, so I'm wondering about sevin-dust. On my vegetables, fruit trees, and grape leaves, I've always dosed them with the sevin-dust, and it works well, and I can still consume the product when harvest comes. Can I do this with the hops?
I've read about soapy solutions, and lure bags that draw them away, but I need a fail safe incase they actually decide the hops are better than anything else in my yard.

Suggestions appreciated.


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Dr Vorlauf
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Dec 2007
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Sevin will kill em.
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Originally Posted by chefmike View Post
Dr. Vorlauf.... you are a scary, scary man. Kimchee?!!

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Originally Posted by Dr Vorlauf View Post
Sevin will kill em.
Which? The beetles or the hops?

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Nov 2007
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
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Japs are so hard shelled, I am not sure it would be effective. I have worked in the landscape trade for 20 years and have never found anything outside of good old hand picking, or a flamethrower, to handle these buggers. The lures are best placed about 1000 feet away as they tend to promote egg laying by the females.
Sevin kills ALMOST EVERYTHING, good and bad. It is usually a 'last resort' item in the IPM tool kit.
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Sevin won't hurt your hops or make them unusable.
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Feb 2008
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I've heard diatomaceous earth works well. You're supposed to be able to mix it with your insecticidal soap, water, or whatever, and spray it on the plants. Doesn't do anything wet, but once it dries it provides some residual protection. I gotta get to a nursery.

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Old 06-23-2008, 04:58 PM   #7
Mar 2007
Dav. IA
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DONT GET A LURE BAG!! Unless you put it a block away, every japanese beetle for miles wil be right in your own back yard. I learned the hard way. My garden still hates me for it.

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Old 06-27-2008, 12:28 AM   #8
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Man, my Fuggle is being destroyed from the top down by these F'ers. I got that garden safe soap stuff that says "kills on contact" and it really doesn't do such a great job. It drove a few of them away but some just ignored my activity and continued chomping.
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Jan 2008
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Go to a yard sale and get a blender. Gather up as many of the beetles as you can. throw them in the crappy blender with a cup of water, and strain out the parts. Put the liquid in a cheap squirt bottle. Spray the bug juice all over your plants. For some reason, the beetles don't like to eat through Uncle Bob. The solution doesn't store very long (maybe if refrigerated or frozen...), and you'll have to reapply after a rain, but the beetles are only around for a couple weeks.
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Jun 2008
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Neem oil will work and is natural won't harm you...I buy the concentrate and spray once a week...Then to step it up a notch...I use Ortho Max garden insect dust once every three weeks again is just fine for fruit and veggies...my hops are happy..


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